Tips & Tricks

We've all come across lists of 'tips' to make our lives easier.  I received one a while back and the tips were just so amazing that I wanted to share some here with friends.  Over time I will be adding to the list as I come across neat little time-saving tricks to make our lives easier!  So be sure to check back often!

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The Eldredge Tie Knot ~ For when your man is feeling extra snazzy!

Teddy Bear Race Cars

1 packet of mini Mars Bars or Milky Way chocolate bars

1 family packet of smarties

1 box of Tiny Teddy biscuits

1 quantity of icing sugar icing paste for glue ( mix half cup of icing sugar and a teaspoon of cocoa powder with a few drops of hot water)

Glue each of the 4 wheels (smarties) on to the sides of the milky way bars. Press into each centre a tiny teddy biscuit. Glue on a smartie steering wheel for each one.

Creating Symbols With Your Keyboard.
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Don't let summer bug you! Keep your drinks clean by flipping a cupcake liner to fashion a cute cover for your beverage! Super cute idea!

An awsome tip. I would suggest that you use foil muffin pans to completely get rid of the dish washing issue. Just serve and toss! Also, keep this handy tip in mind for Taco night as well!

A lovely idea for your Christmas Tree!

A cute idea for the kids at Easter time. Jelly Bean Bracelets!!

When planting in pots, place a coffee filter in the bottom before putting the soil inside. This allows for water to drain but keeps the soil from falling out of the bottom and making a mess!

Conversion Cheat Sheet!

At Home Spa Treatments - Take note ladies!!

Freeze pieces of fresh fruit (or pre-frozen fruit) in your ice cubes to add flavour to your water!

I remember making this as a child.  Something fun and yummy to do with the kiddies this winter!

I have not tried this but saw it today and thought it was interesting.  Especially with all of the recent talks about the dangers and health risks of fluoride absorption/consumption.

How to tie the perfect Christmas bow.


I do not normally post sites or blogs here, but this was just TOO GOOD not to share!!  HOW TO clean microfiber furniture.  Brilliant!!!!  Visit Robin of Chris and Robin's Nest to find out how.  I promise you will NOT be disappointed!!!

Chris and Robin's Nest - How To Clean Microfiber Furniture

Keep your pain cans clean by simply wrapping an elastic band around the height of the can - you then can remove the excess paint from your bush and still keep the rim of the can clean! 

Freeze Lemon, Lime or Orange slices with water in your muffin tins.  Excellent for hot or iced tea and flavoured water!

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Now how good does that sound!!!  Oh Baby!!!  Did I mention that I have a weakness for GOOD chocolate?? 

With New Year's Eve right around the corner, I thought it was appropriate to share these guide-lines on your favorite party cups!  Drink responsibly people!!

Two-Bite Mini Banana Splits!  How good do these babies look?!?!?!?
Chop bananas into 1 1/2" chunks, dip in melted chocolate, roll in a bowl of sprinkles, a small squirt of whipped cream and topped with a cherry.  Place in the Fridge to set the chocolate and serve!  I dare you to have just one!!

Lovely accents for your Christmas gathering.  Stabilize candles in glasses with salt, then arrange cranberries over top of the salt.  Pretty. Fragrant.  Festive. Perfect.

What a fabulous idea!  Creative. Functional.  Space-saving!  Fantastic for dorm rooms and small apartments!

Super cute craft idea for the kiddies at Christmas time!!

Wrap ribbon around a frame for a beautiful way to display Christmas cards!

Place Shower Curtain Hoops onto a Clothes Hanger to hang your scarves!

Brilliant !!!

Re-purpose old tic tac containers for neat and handy spice containers.  Good for camping.  Trips to the cottage.  Dorm rooms ... and so much more.

Recycled Decanter Lighter:  I think these are stunningly beautiful!!

Chocolate-Dipped Candy Cane Stir Sticks.  YUM!!

Grow your own pineapple!!  Fantastic!!

Chocolate Bowl for your next party!!  Fabulous!  Remember not to pour the scalding hot chocolate over the balloon !!!

Don't you find that some of the simplest ideas are the best ideas??  And you find yourself thinking: "Why didn't I think of that!?!?"   This, for me, is one of those!  What a simple, festive and awesome party idea for your veggies and dip!  Love it!

This is just fabulous!  Cut pieces of feathers to cover the tips of your nails and cover with a good quality clear coat.  Stunning!!

 I don't usually post this kind of stuff.  But I suppose it does fall under this category of Tips & Tricks.  Here is a list of the new Facebook Emoticons.  Yahoo users will remember most of these!

I cannot wait to try this!!!  It would also look super cute with cartoon strips!!  Take note of the crossword nail!!  Love, Love, LOVE This!!

  • 1 Small glass
  • Rubbing alcohol or vodka
  • 10 Strips of newspaper (big enough to cover each nail)
  • Any light colored nail polish (whites and pastels work best)
  • Clear top coat polish
  1. Polish your nails with your desired coats and let dry
  2. Pour some rubbing alcohol/vodka in the small glass
  3. Dip your (dried) nail in the rubbing alcohol/vodka (make sure you wet whole nail)
  4. Place and press a strip of the newspaper on your nail and hold firmly but careful for 30 seconds. (do NOT Move the strip around)
  5. Remove strip and repeat on each nail or a select few nails if desired
  6. Finally, polish your nails with a good clear top coat to seal the deal.

This is very good to know.  Guess all of the mothers who put vapor rub on kids feet knew what they were doing after all!!

Some Cool Lace-Ups for your sneakers!
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Candy Sleighs!!!  What a cute and awesome stocking stuffer idea!!!  A MUST Remember for the holidays!!

With Christmas only three months away I thought I would share this adorable idea.  Simply spread some white glue onto baby's feet - or hands, press against the ornament and roll in glitter.  Wish I had thought of this when my girl was little.  Love it!!

A great organizational idea for sorting out the art supplies!  Not to mention, a fantastic way to recycle!

This 'Paper Roses' project is fabulous.  It can be made from love letters, old books, magazines, telephone books - yellow pages would be pretty.  Not sure that it would come out so beautifully if I attempted it.. but for all of you crafty people out there - give it a whirl!!

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So, this is another version of the fruit centerpiece that I had posted a couple of weeks back.  BUT this one has fruit monkeys!!!  How adorable, right?!?!?!  I think I need to host a gathering so I can make this!!  Awesomesauce!!

This is a fabulous example of recycling!!  I simply love everything about this ottoman.  I think I may have to give this one a whirl!

A good first aid tip for Splinters and Bee Stings!

What better way than to share your thoughts with your honey than in an actual Love Letter!

Make your children earn their internet time.  It should be a privilege, not a foregone conclusion! Sure wish I had thought of this when mine were growing up!!

I wish I lived in a house with a bakyard.  How cute are these bird feeders?????

I am sooo going to try this!  I love peppers and this looks like it would taste amazing!!

Such a cute and festive way to dress up your salad with these mushroom radishes!

A fabulous centerpiece for your next party!  I cannot wait to try this one!!
I think using skewers or chop sticks to hold the pineapples together should work fabulously!!

Pre-make your individual Ice-Cream Scoops before the party.  When it's time for Cake, You will be Ready!!

A very cute idea.  I wish I had thought of this when my daughter was a baby!


Something about this Spoon Hook really appeals to me.  I think as it weathers it will become very antique looking, adding a certain charm to your floral arrangements.

Such a cute idea for the summer, while keeping fingers from getting sticky!!

Another genius idea!!  A MUST Remember!!

Jelly Worms!!
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The Ransom Toybox.  I LOVE this idea!!  Total insentive for kids to pick up after themselves and learn the lesson of consequence in the process.  I wish I thought of this when my daughter was a young girl.

Mix 1/4 cup of your favorite liquid fabric softener
2 tablespoons of baking soda
Fill with HOT tap water.
Shake well until baking soda is fully dissolved.
**Tip - reuse a 27oz Febreze bottle or purchase a simple spray bottle at your local Dollar Store.

Tired of searching the junk drawer for tangled cords?  Use bathroom tissue rolls to organize cords.
Leave ends up to easily identify the plugs and write on the roll what each cord's purpose is.

Another interesting idea.  This is for all of the Vodka fans out there!
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Such a fabulous and fun idea for the cottage or back deck of your home!  An awesome summer project for the kids!

A muffin pan makes for perfect dip trays for egg dying.  Now why didn't I know this when I was coloring Easter eggs with my daughter???

Freeze grapes to keep your white wine chilled without being diluted with ice.  Also makes for an attractive display at gatherings.

Use toilet paper rolls to start your plants.  Then simply plant the entire roll into your garden! Awesome!

Use chalkboard pain to cover pots and then mark with chalk to identify which herbs you have planted.

This was too cute not to share!! What an awesome idea for a baby shower!

Please Make Sure that the kiddies do NOT get hold of the liquored treats!!
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I thought this was a pretty good tip for all the ladies out there!
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Use a straw to easily HULL strawberries.

Use walnuts to cover up small dings and scratches in your wood furniture!

WD-40 will easily remove crayon drawings from your TV or monitor. (Spray onto a cloth - not directly onto the screen.)

Stop apple slices from browning by holding them in place using an elastic band! (Genius!)

Keep your linen closet neatly organized by housing sheet sets inside of matching pillow cases!

Amplify the sound of your favorite tune by placing your Cell Phone or iPod in a bowl.

Wet-wipes containers are perfect to store your plastic bags.

Use baby powder to remove sand from your feet!! Make sure bring some along on your next trip to the beach!

Attaching Velcro strips to your child's bedroom wall will help to keep all of those stuffed toys off of the floor!  A cute and decorative idea!

This is awesome!  Use wire to make a place to store wrapping paper (below the ceiling) to keep them off of the floor!! Genius!!

Easy-peasy way to transfer cupcakes from your kitchen to that party! Simply cut X's into a box lid and off you go!

A magnetic strip attached to the back of your medicine cabinet door will keep you from losing those bobbypins, tweezers, earrings and those pesky butterflies that you can never-ever find!

Bread tags - an awesome way to keep those wires easily sorted.  Brilliant!

Install a tension rod to hang spray bottles under the sink!

Brilliant! Use an upturned muffin pan to bake cookie-bowls.  Fill with fruit or ice-cream. A fun summer dessert idea!

Add some color to your snow-scape this winter.  Add some food coloring to water-filled balloons.  Freeze and peel off the balloons.  They come out looking like huge marbles!  What a fun way for the kids to decorate the walkway for the holidays!!

Just as an FYI - let me put an end to the life-long debate as to "shiny side up" vs. "shiny side down".

The fact of the matter is, it just does not matter.  I too believed that shiny side up reflected the heat ... but the truth is that foil is really two sheets - compressed.  The rollers used to compress the two pieces end up shining one side of the sheet.  Tests have been done to see if top world chefs could put an end to this battle - one way or another.  The results were that there really was no difference in temperatures when taken in the center of two casseroles - one covered shiny side up ... the other shiny side down.