Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year - 2015 !!!

I always look forward to the New Year. New beginnings. New chances. New chapters. New adventures.  It's like being at the starting line. A chance for a do-over. An opportunity to do better. To be better.

There is really something quite magical about this time of the year. Anything is possible!

Today we are at the start line. A book of blank pages lay ahead for us to tell a story. The story of 2015, and oh what a best seller it is going to be!!

As you know, I have given up resolutions a few years ago. Instead, I select a word. A single word to focus on for the year ahead. One year health, than forgiveness ... last year was love. Love of everyone around me, and love of myself. To treat myself in a loving manner. Easier said than done - right?

I was worried that perhaps I did not succeed with my word during 2014.

Then I started to think about what love really meant. Love is compassion, it is patience, it is resilient, it is understanding, it is trusting, it is hopeful, it is faithful. And when I look back over all of the events of 2014, As I wrote my year in review, I realized that I did succeed. All of the challenges - the ups and the downs taught me to love and to be loving. Was I perfect? No. Alas, I am human. But I do believe in my heart that I benefited greatly from the lessons of LOVE over this past year. And have grown as a result of them.

That then brings me to the decision of what my word for the new year is going to be. I did entertain the thought of extending LOVE for another year. Then I thought of going broader. My word will be SPIRITUALITY.

Most everyone knows that I do not consider myself to be religious, but rather a spiritual woman. However, I am broadening the blanket term - or the most understood definition of spirituality to be not only my relationship with God, but my relationship with all things Godly. We know that He is everywhere, and so, spirituality in relation to people, places and things is in fact a relationship with the Lord. It is all encompassing.

And so, will be my word - as well as my mission for 2015.

It's interesting, because as I began to write this post I had no idea what my word would be. But I had a feeling that it would come to be when the time was right. The word I needed to focus on would present itself. And it has.

Thank You Lord!

I don't know if you write out a list of resolutions to better yourself at the beginning of a year, or if you have also chosen a word to focus on. Or perhaps you just take each day as it comes.  However you have decided to go into 2015, I want to wish you the very best.

Here is to a year filled with love, joy, laughter, success, good health, prosperity, and spirituality!

Happy New Year!!