Sunday, December 21, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday To Enchanted Essence!!

My baby is growing up!!

Five years ago today I started this blog. Really not having any intention of how long I would keep it going, or of what shape it would take. So you can imagine my surprise that five years later EE is still here. With a presence on Facebook and Twitter, with 57,000 + page hits. I, more than anyone am surprised!

Someone said to me that the blog exists because I write. Well, yes. (lol) However, what good is the written word if no one is around to read it? So, as with every accomplishment and milestone EE reaches, I have to say Thank You!!  :-)

Thank you, wherever you are in the world, for checking in - be it on your computer or tablet or smartphone, you take time out of your day to click the links, to check in - whether you are reading my latest posts, checking your horoscopes, looking up a recipe, reading a movie review ... or however you spend your time visiting EE - what matters is you are here! And you are welcome!

Please join me in wishing a HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY to EE!!!

God Bless.