Monday, August 25, 2014

Essential Tremor - Progression

With my knee surgery right around the corner, I am now wrapping up loose ends before I go 'in'.  With the knowledge that I will not be able to do much of anything in the short term following the surgery, I really need to get my affairs in order beforehand. So, one of the items on my seemingly endless lists things to do, was a visit to my Doctor today. To fill prescriptions until the New Year.

While at my Doctor's office, in the midst of going over stuff, I reached into my purse to pull out some paperwork that I needed to give to him, and as I pulled my hand out of my purse, I was hit with a tremor. The funny thing is that it took my brain a moment to realize what was happening.  The not so funny thing was that when I held the papers out to him, we were both shocked at how violently they were shaking.  I think because you could easily see the papers thrashing about, it really punctuated the intensity of the tremor I was having.

We then switched gears and he asked how the progression is going. I explained that the tremors are not really getting more frequent since I last saw him - in June. And that they were not really lasting any longer - a few seconds to a minute or two or three. However, they were increasing in intensity.

He could tell that the tremor I had today was significantly more pronounced than the one he had witnessed only two months ago.  Clearly my Essential Tremor is progressing.

In June, he told me that I was in the early stages of this disease and that we did not need to worry about medication - just yet.  Today, he told me, "It's time."  After I heal from my surgery, and see him in January, I will be starting the Beta Blockers.


I was really hoping that the progression would not happen quickly with me. But I also have a gut feeling that this disease will not take it's sweet time.  I just know that I will not be one of those people who progress slowly, over a decade.  I'm not saying that I will be using a sippy-cup in six months, but I do think that I will be forced to make some serious life adjustments in the very near future.

My prayer is that this disease slows, and that the Beta Blockers work. That I do not need to switch to Epilepsy medication - or do a cocktail of both. And I certainly have no interest in brain surgery!

Please keep me in your prayers.

Love & Light

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