Saturday, August 30, 2014

Back To School!!

Here we are again.  That time of the year where all of the parents out there have been getting their little ones ready for the new school year. Some of you are doing this for the first time. And oh, what an exciting time it is.  Some kiddies are feeling a bit nervous going into the next grade. Haven't we all been there? Not knowing what lays ahead. Not knowing how hard the work will be in the new grade. Not knowing the new teacher. Not knowing everyone in the class. What we need to remember is that if we knew everything there was to know - we would not be in school. You are exactly where you are - because you are ready. You can do this!

I use to tell my daughter to make sure that when she leaves school at the end of each day - to make certain that she has learned at least one new thing. To have a piece of knowledge that she didn't have when she woke up that morning.  In fact, I try to live by this rule as an adult. After all, knowledge is power!

To the kiddies, I would say; Study hard. Make friends. Enjoy the field trips. Enjoy the school dances. But most of all - listen and learn! And remember, everything will be okay!

To the parents, I would say; If this is your first time bringing your little one to school, I know how difficult this time of their life can be, for both of you, but you must remember to breathe.  The energy you have is the energy you are sharing with your child. If you are nervous - they will be nervous. If you believe that everything will be okay - that they will have a good time and be successful - they will walk with confidence.

To the drivers, I would say;  SLOW DOWN!!  Kids are excited to see their friends again after a long summer. They are not 100% sure where they are going, which entrance to use - perhaps they are new to the school, perhaps they are new to the area. Perhaps they are running across the road to get to their friends. PLEASE BE CAREFUL IN SCHOOL ZONES!!!  Let us not have a child lose their life because you needed to change the station on your radio.

Now, I cannot do a school posting and not touch upon bullying.  Anyone who knows me, knows how I detest bullying. If you are a bully. STOP IT.  You do not have the right to make another person feel like crap. You do not have the right to ruin some one's day - just to make yourself feel bigger, better, stronger, more important.

If you are being bullied. TELL SOMEONE!!  I know that we live in a culture of don't tell. If you speak out, you are called a rat. That is nonsense. You do not have to live in fear. That is NOT OKAY!!  Speak to a teacher, a guidance counselor, your parents, the crossing guard, a police officer, hall monitor, janitor. Tell someone!

You are a beautiful, wonderful, smart, important person and you deserve to live a life without feeling scared of someone else. Without feeling threatened. Without fear. Without hiding. Bullies are cowards. And the problem is with them - not with you!  You are perfect!

With that said.  I want to wish all of the students - whether you are going to grade 1 or university, a very successful school year!!

Go get 'em!!