Monday, July 7, 2014

The Soap Box for July 7th

It's difficult to even know where to begin. So much is going on. Some of which I am happy about. Some is just stupid.

Ridge has been found - by who? Brooke of course.  And Bill has been busted! Right? - Wrong. What's that you say? Ridge has amnesia? Are you surprised? You silly rabbit!  Perhaps this week he will recall the Spencer logo on the sleeve of the jacket Justin wore while flying the helicopter - just prior to dumping Ridge into the Sea.

As a result of Quinn's involvement in Ridge's latest near-death experience. Hope has had it. The final straw - so to speak. Causing Hope to finally make a decision between the brothers Spencer. And Liam has come out victorious! Or has he? You didn't really believe that the Mighty Quinn would let slide  - did you? Oh no Ma'am. Ms. Fuller has gone plum cray-cray. She has stabbed Liam in the neck with his own sword. And if that were not enough, she has come right out and told Liam flat out that if he does not forfeit Hope to Wyatt and leave forever to Paris, she will indeed kill not only him - but Hope as well.

Quinn has gone even as far as to make a larger than life version of the Spencer swords. The very one she will use to kill Liam.  And eventually Hope.  Live by the sword - Die by the sword. A promise Quinn has made to Liam. And off to his home she went. With sword in toe.

Deacon is hip to her jive and informs Wyatt that his mommy has lost her ever-loving mind. Telling Wyatt of the sword, and where she was headed. Wyatt then dashes out of the warehouse - in a rush to save his brother from his crazy mama.

I really hope that this will be the end of Quinn. I am growing tired of her.  What is interesting - as a side note, I was watching Two and a half Men the other night and I am 99% sure that I saw Quinn playing the role of one of Charlie's conquests. And she exacted revenge on him pretending to me the mother of his child. A child he was unaware of. I could be wrong - but I am pretty sure it was her. And oddly enough, she was a crazy B*tch in that episode as well. Hmmmmmm

But I digress....

As I was saying. I hope Quinn goes far-far-far away.. and that Hope and Liam get married - finally - officially. And that Wyatt ends up with Steffy.  Ha!

Meanwhile in GC.  A storyline I am thrilled about! The answer to the inevitable question of Whose your daddy? has been answered! Paul is the daddy!! I absolutely love, love, love this!! Dillon is such a good guy and Paul is such a good guy. I love that Paul has the chance to be a daddy again, after killing his insane son. Hey, stuff happens!  I know what you're thinking.  Paul has a daughter.  Well ... I can't stand Heather! So there!

The bonus to all of this is that Nicki is Paul's baby mama.  And that is a huge 'how-ya-like-me-now' to Christine!  HA!  Can you tell that I am not a Cricket fan?  I never did like her. And let's face it .. if it was not for nepotism - she would not be on the show. She is certainly not there for her acting skills!

On another note.  Let me just say that I love and adore Mrs. C. And I miss her every single day. And I applaud Y/R for trying to keep her in the story lines of the show. But does anyone really care anymore about that ridiculous music box?  Or Jill and Collin for that matter? UGH!  It is during their scenes when I go and refill my glass, or take a potty break.  I'm sorry, but Jill has the absolute worst taste in men.  They really need to find her a good man.  A decent man. A handsome man.

What else is happening? Well... Neil is married - AGAIN!  Good Lord that man can go through some women - can't he?  I mean, seriously? He is turning in to Ross (From Friends) So if you are not up to date, Neil has married Hillary. A girl young enough to be his daughter. A girl who happens to be in love with his son. And his son is in love with her. Not awkward at all!

Speaking of awkward. What is up with Sharon not wanting to marry Nick again? And moving Mariah in? I mean c'monnnnnn! Hmmmm ... let me take this girl who is the spitting image of my deceased daughter - who caused me great mental agony and forced me to have electric shock therapy ... and move her into my home!!

Ummmm. Hell to the NO!!

But alas, they do call it soap operas for a reason - right?  Can't wait to see what this week will bring.

Stay tuned friends!