Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Stop The Negativity - Please!

Let me say right now that this post may turn out to be a rant, because I am a bit upset. And yes, I do realize that if I were allow it to turn out that way, it would be completely contrary to the point of the message behind this post.

*Deep Breath*

I have to say that I am really bothered by people who find a way to cast shadow on every positive message or post.  This happens all of the time on Facebook.  Today for example, someone wished Prince George a Happy 1st Birthday and immediately there are negative comments. Either about their personal disdain for the Royal Family, or comments about the lack of spotlight on starving children around the world, or the crisis in Gaza. I mean. C'mon!!!

What is that about? Why?!?!?  Why can't a post just be about that sentiment.  If someone (in this case) takes the time to acknowledge a milestone of a first birthday of a BABY - why can't that be enough? It was on that person's heart to send good energy to that precious child. Let it be just that. Why feel the need to muddy it up with the darkness in your own heart?

Who cares if you don't personally like the Royal family?  What does that have to do with a sweet innocent baby celebrating a 1st birthday?

Starving children around the world, and the dying children in Gaza - are horrific tragedies.  But, again, what does that have to do with this baby?

Are we saying that because horrific things are happening around the world that we should not celebrate a birthday? Are we saying that because there is suffering - there should not be rejoicing in the good things? Are we saying that we cannot celebrate, embrace and show love until every single person on the planet is well?

Wouldn't that be lovely.  Do you hold to that standard on your birthday?  Do you carry that with you when you go out to ring in the New Year?

I mean, c'mon!!!!  Yes! It is awful that wars, and illness exist. It is a travesty that children get caught in the crossfire. Clearly I am not saying that we should not give proper attention to that.  However, does that diminish every single good moment in life? Is that not then evil winning over good?

Sounds a bit counter-productive to me.

And then there are the people who will say - there are children all over the world having a birthday today - but because they are not famous, we don't wish them a Happy Birthday.  True.  To a point.  I'm quite certain that each one of us do indeed wish anyone around the world a Happy Birthday, whether they are known or unknown.  If you happen upon a stranger, and discover it is their birthday, do you not then offer them well wishes on their day?  Does that mean that if we are aware of a 'famous' person's birthday we should not also wish them a Happy Birthday, if we are so moved?

And if we are not moved to do so. That is fine.  Fabulous.  But why do people who are not moved to share in the sentiments, feel the need to poo-poo the ones who are?  This happens every single day online.  You see a post, you do not share the sentiment of the post, and rather than just scrolling past it and moving on with your day, you feel the need - the necessity - to stop your life - and spread negative garbage all over that particular thread.  WHY?!?!?!

Have we not yet learned about rebound energy? Have we forgotten that what we put out there comes back to us - ten fold?  Have we forgotten that if we purposely go around dumping our garbage on everyone else, that surely goodness will not come our way?  Have we forgotten that it is our Divine duty to embrace one another, even in such a simple way as wishing one another good will?

It is my great hope that each of us will take the time to remember how it feels when someone takes time from their day to send us good thoughts or energy. How nice it is to have our special moments in life acknowledged.  And how easy it is to extend love to our fellow human beings.

Please remember, to treat others, the way we, ourselves, would want to be treated.

With that, let me wish you the absolute best in whatever milestone you are celebrating today!

Love and Light