Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Petals On The Wind

-Siblings attempt to put their lives in order after escaping their grandparent's attic.

-Bailey Heather Graham, Butain, Dylan Bruce, Wyatt Nash, Rose McIver, Ellen Burstyn

Petals on the Wind, the next book in the popular series, written by V.C. Andrews. The follow-up to Flowers in the Attic. A book I read and loved in the 1980's. In fact, I have read and adored most of V.C. Andrews' books in my youth. And still have several of them on my bookshelf today!

After watching these two movies - as an adult, I really see that I had no business ever reading them at such a young age! The impression it made on me as an adult was the of extreme inappropriateness. Yet, as a kid reading these books, I don't recall being overly phased by the violence and incestuous story lines. Perhaps I really could not wrap my head around what it really meant. Or perhaps I just took it for what it was and didn't give it a second thought.

Nonetheless, as a tween, teen and 20-something (y/o) I adored the stories. Addicted to them in fact.

Having had so much time pass since I had read Petals on the Wind, perhaps I had forgotten what had happened in the book. In fact, my first words after having watched the movie was that I needed to re-read If There Be Thorns before that movie was made.

So, lets get in to it.

This movie was released on Lifetime last week, I had it PVR'd but promised my sister that I would not watch it until she got here for our movie night. So, together we watched Petals on the Wind last night. And we were both floored.

I have to say that I thought it was infinitely better than Flowers in the Attic. (Both versions.)

The incest scenes are very uncomfortable to watch. For obvious reasons!  The death of Carrie was sad. Although she was clearly nuts. Was that rude? lol Okay, she was .... shall we say - special?

Christopher is a tad fixated on his sister Cathy and in his love for her. Essentially wanting to repeat the life led by their parents.

Cathy is clearly crazy. (I'm sorry, there is no nice or politically correct way to put it. Girlfriend is cray-cray!) Yet she remains my favorite. Her ultimate revenge on her mother was delicious! The scene at the top of the stairs during the party - where she announces her pregnancy and lays all of her mother's dirt out for everyone to see, was A-Mazing!

Let's put it this way, I have now watched Flowers in the Attic three times, and each time I promptly deleted it from the PVR once the movie had ended.  I watched Petals on the Wind last night and it is still on the PVR - as I feel I may need to watch it again.

I am giving this movie 4 boxes of popcorn. But perhaps instead of butter, cheesy popcorn  would be more appropriate.  It is a fun follow-up in the series (in a guilty pleasure sort of way) and leaves me looking forward to the next movie.