Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Soap Box for May 10th

It is so hard to know where to begin. Let's head to L.A. first. Well, it is quite simply the sibling swap. Katie and Ridge are deeply in love and Brooke has decided to take Bill back. The two couples are living happily ever after - or are they? Brooke has decided to drop the ultimate bomb on Katie by pulling out the documents that she had once replaced with Aspen leaves, and gifting Bill with joint custody of Will, and awarding him with the head seat of Spencer Publications. Essentially outing Katie. Leaving Katie down and out. Well, not so fast there partner. Ridge comes home and upon discovering what has taken place, he comforts his beloved Katie and in professing his love for her, while wrapping a red ribbon around her marriage finger, he asks her to be his wife. Katie of course happily accepts his proposal to become the newest Mrs. Ridge Forrester.

Brooke shows up to try and justify her actions to Katie, only to discover that the weak little sister is in fact not wallowing in misery, but is actually quite happy with the way her life is unfolding. Brooke cannot share in her sister's happiness upon finding out that Katie will become the new Mrs. Forrester. And actually has the balls to confront Ridge and flat out asking him not to marry Katie.

All together now. WOW!!

On to the next generation of sibling swap. Hope is now dating both of the brothers Spencer. Yes. After the pregnancy scare of Hope and Wyatt, Liam kidnaps Hope and reminds her of their undying love for one another. Hope admitting to herself and to Liam that she does not want to lose him, yet, she does not want to give up Wyatt. Liam convinces Hope to date them both. Equal time. WHOA!! She agrees and then informs Wyatt of the new arrangements. Needless to say he is not impressed.

Quinn, meanwhile has lost her mind. I can't decide if I like her or not. She is blackmailing Bill into supporting Wyatt and his love for the fair Hope, and claiming Wyatt fully as his son by giving him the Spencer name.

I will admit that in the beginning I hated Wyatt and wanted him to go back into the woods where he came from. I loved Liam and Hope together. But now I just don't know anymore. Yes. I have fell for Wyatt's charms. I am guilty!!

Can we discuss Abby for a moment? She is a little cray-cray!! We leave off with her holding an axe and very much wanting to kill Taylor. Which, I would be okay with. I have never been on TeamTaylor. And dear crazy Abby seems to have a problem with the fact that the woman who murdered her mother is now having relations with her father. Go figure!

Here is how I'd like to see things playing out. I want Hope to pick Wyatt. I want Ridge and Katie to get married. Brooke to find out that Bill was having sexcapades with Quinn, and for her to dump him, leaving Bill available to get together with Quinn. And Brooke to be alone with herself. Though, is Brooke ever alone for more than twenty minutes?

Anyhow. In GC. The jig is up. Victor has been busted. Nick and Sharon know all about the fake Cassey aka Marriah. Okay -I admit that I totally did not see that one coming!

Seems she has been quite the busy girl. Torturing Sharon - to the point where Sharon is popping medication and having electric shock therapy. Meanwhile, and in her spare time, tormenting Abby, which, I am okay with, since I am no fan of Abby and Tyler. ha!

Sharon is now suffering from memory loss after her ECT - don't you just hate when that happens? So now she has no idea what the secret is that 'Cassey' was trying to get out of her for Victor.  What to do about this? Hypnotherapy of course! Nick, who is now madly in love with Sharon again, is totally against this and commands the doctor to yank Sharon out of hypnosis when things start getting interesting.  Now Nick thinks the secret Sharon is sorry for is that Sharon burned down the Newman ranch. *face palm* Will this story EVER come to a conclusion?

Am I the only one getting bored with Phyllis being in a coma? Seriously, she needs to either wake up and come back, or be replaced, or die. I love Phyllis but enough is enough.

On a side note - any bets on who Victoria is pregnant for? I kind of like it both ways. Romantically, of course, if it is Billy's baby, then they could kiss and make up - and who doesn't like a happy ending? On the other hand, if the baby is Ben's ... well... all hell would break loose.

Hmmmm. Dilemma, Dilemma. lol

Stay tuned!