Saturday, May 10, 2014


Dramatizing the life of adult-film star Linda Lovelace as she attempts to regain control of her life from a manipulative husband.

-Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard, Hank Azaria, Sharon Stone, Adam Brody, James Franco.

I remember being in grade school when the book Ordeal came out. I remember classmates passing the book around like fire. You weren't anyone if you had not read Ordeal. Looking back as an adult, knowing what I now know - through life - through maturity, as a child of 12 years years of age we had no business reading such a book. But in truth, I don't think any of us could really grasp what the words meant. Or that it was the story of an actual person. A woman. And what that woman had actually gone through in her young life. 

To be honest, even as an adult, I never gave the life of Linda Lovelace much thought. A porn star. Simple. Right? Well, not so fast. In truth it really is a story like many other stories. Not unlike that of Tina Turner for example. A man taking control of a young woman, and forcing her to do what he wanted her to do. To make him money. To pay his debts. To support his addictions. And the greater the debts, the greater the addictions, the greater the fame .... the greater the tasks the young woman was made to do. And the greater the force, with which, she was made to do them.

First by sweet talk, chivalry, charm, then later by force, abuse, battery, rape. Violence. 

Women all over the world live this story. Perhaps not to the extreme. Or perhaps indeed to the extreme. But because they aren't famous, nobody ever realizes it. 

I got around to watching the biographic movie of Linda Lovelace's life today. And I just could not believe my eyes. Even though I have seen a hundred of these movies. And even knowing abuse in my own early life. Somehow we still can never wrap our head around how someone can be so controlling. How a human being can enslave another human being,, a man forcing a woman in to doing what he wants. And calling it love.

It is sad. Sickening. Heartbreaking. And in the end there is a dawning of strength. The power of resilience or the soul that forces us to rise above that, which has kept us down for so long. That, which has enslaved us in one way or another. The punch. The gun. The abuse. The violations. 

Linda is known best for her movie Deep Throat. A movie she was forced to make, for her husband Chuck Traynor. Who beat her into submission. At the end of Lovelace, it states that Deep Throat grossed over $600 million. Linda only ever saw $1250 of the profits. 

Her body became a commodity. Her soul and self worth pushed aside until the day where her own personal breaking point came and she ultimately could not live another day under the gun. She had to break away. She had to fly. And fly away she did. 

If you haven't yet seen Lovelace, I encourage you to watch this movie. A movie of struggle, youth, innocence lost. A movie about a man who abuses a young girl. An industry that takes advantage of a young girl. And how that young girl finds her strength and courage and breaks free. How that young girl crosses the line from victim to survivor. And then goes on to give a voice to the victims of abuse against women, for the next twenty years of her life.

Truly empowering and inspirational. As a friend of mine put it. "You walk away with a whole new respect for Linda Lovelace."  

Hopefully you will also leave with a new respect for yourself. :)

I give this movie 5 boxes of popcorn.