Thursday, March 27, 2014

Your Thursday VIDEO Spotlight - Temptation

In the bible life's challenges were called Trials and Tribulations. Since time started challenges have existed. Even in the story of Adam and Eve, they were challenged by an apple. Makes me wonder why God put the apple there in the first place. Why would God challenge them? Why would he put an apple there and say "Here ya go! Now I'ma tempt you."

Well he put it there to teach Adam and Eve the power of discipline. He put the apple there to help guide them out of their temptation by showing it to them day after day, hoping they would build inner strength to eventually not touch it.

"lead us not INTO temptation" Mathew 6-13

Today our challenges are no different. Just like the temptation that Adam and Eve were challenged with some people suffer similar temptations till this day. For example, alcohol, a person is trying quit drinking but they live beside a liquor store and it becomes increasingly difficult seeing the L.C.B.O store every day and the struggle can become overpowering. Or they are trying to quit smoking but when they go to the store the first thing they see while paying for their item is counter of cigarettes.

Others are trying to lose weight, but every commercial aired is about the new fries, ice cream, chocolate, pizza and more. Perhaps someone has fidelity issues, and they are going through the newspaper and see the newest dating site advertisements that are free to join. With all the new casinos being opened within the past few years gambling is a temptation that is becoming more irresistible for people who have to fight that temptation.

So you see, like the apple was to Adam and Eve, temptations are around us everyday, everywhere. The key to preventing yourself from diving head first into your temptation is by recognizing your temptation and by working on them.