Monday, March 10, 2014

The Soap Box For March 10th

It's been awhile since our last visit and so much has happened - even for soap land!

Let's get right in to it shall we? Brooke is finally getting what she deserves! Ridge and Katie have fallen in love - and Brooke is astonished that Ridge could leave here - for her sister. What's that called again? Karma? Poetic Justice? Yes and YES! And I am eating it up with a big spoon!!!

So what will Brooke do now? Go back to Dollar Bill? I think that she should - frankly they deserve one another.  As for odd couples, perhaps I am alone but I am still not a fan of Wyatt and Hope. Actually I am not a fan of Wyatt and anybody. Something about him just does not appeal to me. Seems Aly feels the same way, I think there is going to be a battle of the Crazies when Aly and Pam take on Quinn.  And yes, I am looking forward to it. By the by ... can I just say that I detest the way Quinn treats Pam like a servant. What is that about? SMH

And what in the world is happening on Y&R??!!?? Clearly Adam is alive, so will the original Adam return? Apparently Victor and Chelsea discover something later this week. I hope the original Adam does make a comeback, I actually liked him better. Although I know I am in the minority on this. That's okay. :)

So, there seems to be a snowball dance going on with the couples. Any guesses on who will land with who? Hilary and Neil? Jack and Kelly? Victoria and Stitch? What about Billy?

Is anybody happy about Sharon and Nick getting closer? Anybody? Anyone at all? I know that I am against it! I want her dirty secret to come out. Nick needs to know what Sharon did with Summer. Someone please give him my phone number!!!  How delish would it be for Phyllis to come back as Nick and Sharon stand at the altar? Ahhhhhhhh ... now that's what I'm talkin about!!

Speaking of dirty deeds. What the heck is up with Victor??? Just when you think you have seen the maximum potential of his ruthlessness - he brings in fake Cassie to torture Sharon! O-M-G!! Can we say sadistic?? I really want him to get busted!!

Yes, Yes, Yes, I know that villains make the soaps interesting and entertaining and it would be boring if everyone got along and lived happily ever after ... but ... WOW!!

Well, if the previews are true - the rest of this week should be an interesting one - fasten your seat belt friends!

Until we meet again....