Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Soap Box for February 1st - YR Cast Hosts Twitter Parties To Save Ratings

I don't normally post two days in a row but I just cannot help myself. On Y&R yesterday, the new/old Billy made his appearance. After the explosion - and the death of Adam, they 'guy who got away' crawled up to Victoria's door and wallah - the new/old Billy appeared.

Although I did love the recent Billy - I have to say that I am not too shook up by the swap. I also know that I am in the minority. After doing some research, I have found the #TeamMuhney and #TeamMiller fans are outraged by the changes to the show. Going so far as to flying banners over CBS studios and starting boycott petitions against the show. Y&R is apparently beginning to get a tad concerned as since the leak about Adam being offed from the show - over 500,000 viewers have stopped watching the show. Many of whom had watched Y&R for decades.

In an effort to entice fans to come back - or at least not lose any more viewers, CBS has decided to host Twitter parties with cast members of the show. I actually stumbled across the first one, hosted by Kevin, Chloe and Chelsea the other day. This fan interaction resulted in the three stripping down to their birthday suits and covering up with poster boards saying that they love #YR.

Yesterday's Twitter party was apparently hosted by Nick, Lauren and Michael, but from what I gather, the fans are not biting. In fact - they couldn't care less. I have to admit that when I stumbled across the first one - I thought it was kinda cute - but not sure it is enough to win back decade-long viewers who feel slighted and taken for granted. Fans who have put their collective foot down in protest against CBS.

On another note. Can I just speak for a moment about the house fronts that are now being shown at the beginning of each scene? Firstly, let us discuss Victoria's home. When she and Billy first moved in they made such a big deal about the home being like that of the show Father Knows Best, and that humble home is set on a residential neighborhood street, with a shallow yard, yet the house front pictured makes the home appear to be more of an estate with lofty acreage. Another sign that the new writers are not being authentic to old story lines. Are they hoping that we've all developed amnesia?

Furthermore, why do all of the pictured homes look as though they were snatched from photo bucket? They just don't look real. More postcard like. I have to say that I prefer the way B&B does it - where aerial shots are done of the homes, which are actual homes owned by the Bell family.

I have to admit that I am a bit concerned about the life of my favorite show. I have been a loyal fan and viewer of Y&R since '78. Yet, even I have to admit that the story lines are getting stupid. Sloppy. Boring. (I mean, the return of Carmine yesterday- really???)  With the abandonment of other viewers and the declining of ratings ... I have to wonder how long of a life Y&R has remaining.