Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!!

February 14th - Valentine's Day, a day, which can be very polarizing. We either look forward to it -or we dread it. If we are in a relationship and in love, it is the day that we plan to spend with our sweetheart. A day we celebrate our love for that someone special. But if we are single, this day can make you feel even more alone. Love is all around - except with you.

The same can be said for New Year's Eve. When you are alone - single, and have nobody to kiss at midnight, it can be depressing. Can't it?

It's funny how a day can instantly diminish how we feel about ourselves. February 13th we feel great. February 15th we feel relieved that we survived another dreaded 14th!  But on THAT day, we almost feel invisible.

We can feel like this day was just not made for us. And you cannot seem to escape it. Restaurant specials are made for two. Every movie on the TV is about love. Ballads playing on the radio all day long. And everywhere you look there seems to be couples in love. Love indeed is in the air. And you have no choice but to breathe it in!

Well, as someone who has been single for some time now, I certainly can relate to the feelings around this holiday. But I have chosen to LOVE on this day anyway. Love my friends, love my family, and love myself.

So if you have someone special to share this day with. Fantastic!

If you are flying solo on this holiday - treat yourself! Buy yourself a rose. Get your nails or hair done. Treat yourself to a day at the spa! If you happen to be male, perhaps you can hang out with your buddies and shoot some pool. Take in a sporting event. Or - get your nails done. Yes, women loved a well-groomed man! ;-)

With that in mind, let me wish you a Very Happy Valentine's Day!!