Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Soap Box For January 9th ~ Just Saying

I have to say that B&B is getting really twisted. Does anyone else think that Ridge is going to end up with Katie? Not sure how I feel about that. Although it would be delicious for Brooke to get a taste of her own medicine - finally NOT get the guy. And for Katie to finally get the man. But all of this husband / brother-in-law swapping just doesn't sit right with me.

Speaking of sibling swapping - it appears that Hope is now with Wyatt - right? Well ... as they say, it ain't over until the fat lady sings. I am still hoping that Liam and Hope end up together. Perhaps because I am just not a fan of Wyatt. On the other hand - it does appear that Ally is fixating on Liam. But I honestly don't care for her either. Hey! I've got it! Match Ally and Wyatt together and ship them off to Paris with Thorne! Yeah! That's it!

What can I say about Quinn? That lady is a special kind of crazy. She is a nut, dipped in a lunatic, wrapped in a psycho path! The way she is always going after Donna - Does anybody foresee Donna 'disappearing'? I gotta say that I LOVED when Liam confronted her. Awesome!!

Apparently next week Quinn will be threatening Charlie - I hope Pam gives her a run for her money! As we all know, Pam can meet Quin's Crazy and raise her three more Crazies!

As for Y&R - Kelly is getting on my nerves. I just don't care for her. And what is the story there anyway? Is she Stitch's ex wife? And while we are talking about odd balls, can I just take this moment and say Please Lord do not let Devon and Hillary hook up!! Although I appreciate Roxy's position - being insulted by Devon's accusations of her being a gold digger. I wish she would come back and save him from Hillary!!

Let me chat a minute about Jill and that damn music box. Is that not the most ridiculous story line ever? Just give me the jewelry box and be done with it! So, now she is kidnapped. Am I alone in saying that I really don't care about this? She can stay gone!  Who do we think has snatched her? Collin? And speaking of Collin ... wouldn't it be an interesting twist if Collin was really Ian Ward? That would make Dillon and Nick half brothers, but also make Dillon and Kane half brothers. Hmmmm....