Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Soap Box for January 30th - KABOOM!!

This has been quite the week on the soaps. Let us begin with Y&R shall we? Well, this has been the week of goodbye for Adam Newman, who was fired for being a goof behind the scenes. And today, January 30th was to be his final episode. And how did they do it? A car explosion of course. Billy - and, well, everyone else - found out that Adam had killed little Delia, and well, quite simply Billy lost his mind. Understandably so. Billy grabbed his gun and a hunting he did go. Once he caught up with Adam at the penthouse, he escorted Adam at gunpoint to the scene of Delia's death, where he forced Adam to tell him the whole story about what had happened that fateful night.

Following that, Billy forced Adam to drive down to Delia's school, where some more bad acting took place as Billy recounted Delia's final performance as the wicked witch in the school play. They had words and Billy decided to make Adam drive to see Chloe and confess to her.

While on their way - in the bad weather and slick roads (aren't there always slick roads or a storm when the sh*t is about to hit the fan?) ... Billy unbuckles his seat belt to easier face Adam as he continues to scold him for the murder of his daughter. Adam attempts to take the gun from Billy, when suddenly the car loses control and rolls down the embankment and a shot goes off.

*Pause for shocked reaction.*

We are not supposed to be able to tell who is left bloodied in the car and who is kicking out the back window. And of course by the time Paul and Nick arrive, there was an unknown man who got away as told by a passer-bye'r. And somebody left in the car - but of course Paul and Nick could not tell who that somebody was.  Que the car explosion. And the preview of Paul and Nick informing Victoria that there is no way that anybody could ever survive that explosion.

Now, here is my thinking. Adam was fired, and Billy is being replaced by the old Billy. Coupled with the fact that the bloody hand hanging out of the driver's side window was wearing a ring that looked a lot like the one Adam was given by Chelsea earlier this week during their wedding. Not to mention that Adam was the one driving. But we are too stupid to realize this by the upside down car.

So, me thinks that Billy got out of the car and staggered away - wracked in grief and shock, and will resurface some point in the future - probably during his funeral, but it will be the 'new' old Billy. And Adam went KABOOM!!

Just on a side note, does anybody else think Kelly will be pregnant for Billy? But I digress...

As for B&B, Wyatt has been busted by Liam with help from Charlie and Pam, armed with the proof that Wyatt had indeed stolen the Hope diamond, he heads down to Emerald Bay to interrupt a romantic moment between a vacationing Wyatt and Hope and shows them the video acquired by Liam. Hope of course is devastated - again - and appears that she is going to leave Wyatt as a result of her disappointment and disillusionment. Could it be that simple? I doubt it.

Brooke is trying her level best to win Ridge back, who has put his foot down that he will not remarry her. (Despite the fact that Ridge excused Brooke having had accidental sex with Hope's former boyfriend Oliver, he just cannot seem to get over the fact that she has slept with her sister's husband.) It's good to have high moral standards. ;-)

It is also becoming more and more obvious that Ridge and Katie are going to end up together - which is what I have been saying all along.  Meanwhile Bill is digging up dirt on Ridge during his time in Paris, in efforts of winning Brooke back .... the way I see it ... they deserve one another. Although I have never been a fan of Ridge, and don't particularly like him for Katie - it would serve Brooke right. And THAT I would LOVE to see!!