Sunday, January 26, 2014

In The Rain

One of my favorite things to do when I was younger was to play in the rain. It was refreshing to walk around and splash in the puddles as you got soaked to the bone. And because you were young, you didn't care about your hair being mussed. 

It was fresh. It was freeing. And because the majority of people were running for shelter - trying to stay dry, the solitude was awesome. It was just you and nature. Even the sound of the cars were drowned out by the downpour and you were left alone with only the sound of the rain and your thoughts. 

My mother use to think I was crazy. It would be raining cats and dogs and I would excitedly head out the door. Mom would ask where I was going - "In to the rain." was my reply. I think she secretly got a kick out of it. I am never quite sure she ever understood. And that was okay. As an adult, I now see how easy it is to think my younger self to be crazy.  

But we are conditioned that way, aren't we? After all, what is the song we are all taught as children.... Rain, rain, go away, come again another day. Well, what is wrong with today? We see rain as being intrusive. An inconvenience. Rain delays in the ballgame, having your wedding rained out, indoor recess due to the rain. I ask you, what is really wrong with getting wet? Will we never dry off again? 

We are trained to care about things that really don't matter. We are in such a rush to get to some place - any place other than the one we are currently in at that moment. We are worried about our precious shoes and Lord forbid we get our hair wet! Or our eyeliner smudges! What would people think? 

I think that is what I love about the rain. The rain does not care about your perceived image. It is nature's baptism. It has a way of washing away the old, the dirty, the unnecessary. Leaving everything clean, anew. Including the one who dares to just stop and be still under it's showers.

How wonderful it would be if as adults we made it a priority to get back in touch with our inner-child. To give ourselves permission to be care-free. To forget the hustle and bustle. To not worry about our hair. To not care who might be watching as we dare to dance within the rhythm of the rain.