Friday, December 27, 2013

The "Count Your Blessings" Jar

One of the things that I am planning for 2014 is a Count Your Blessings jar and thought that I would share this not-so-new idea with those of you who may not have thought about this. Or maybe you have heard of this wonderful idea and have thought about doing it, and perhaps just never got it started.

2014 is 5 days away, which gives you ample time to find your Blessings jar.  Whether it is an old coffee pot, a vase, a canister, cookie jar, mason jar, a keepsake box, make it special, make it yours!  And as each day passes, keep your special jar in mind and jot down the special moments you experience throughout the year.

Special gifts you have received, "LOL" moments, achievements, trips you have taken, nature's beauty, memories worth saving, daily blessings. If it made you smile - jot it down and place that note into your jar.

December 31st of 2014 make yourself a hot chocolate and curl up with your jar and start reading through all of the beautiful moments that were given to you through the year.

What a wonderful way to mark the end of the year by Counting  Your Blessings!