Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014 Prediction


Well 2014 is upon us, and it will be a good year indeed. For those of you who seek a balanced lifestyle, with family, work, and play, you will find 2014 a year to remember. It is considered a spiritual year. Why? Well because the numbers of the year add up to 7 eg: 2014- 2+0+1+4=7 and seven is a special number indeed.
Seven represents mysticism and the unknown. This year number 7 will affect people with an instinct to try and understand the things in their life, the people they share time with, and the reason things keep happening to them.

Most people will want to look from within and transform the way they feel about their life. They will automatically gravitate to things of a spiritual manner and may even become more in tune with their own spirituality.

Health will be of concern for many people during 2014, and instead of talking about fighting cancer they will be talking about curing cancer. More and more people will be altering their diets and eating habits to live a more organically sound lifestyle.

One thing to watch out for in 2014 is your attitude. Have a good one. Do not lose your temper easily. Hold your tongue in your mouth behind your teeth, instead of letting it fly out to say things that you cannot take back.

Overall, during 2014, if you increase your spirituality, watch your health, and keep your attitude in check, then you will feel great, look great and know you’re great!

Happy New Year family and friends, be blessed.