Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Soap Box For Nov 19th - Do The Right Thing

Hey there! It's been a while since I gave my thoughts on the dramas unfolding in soap land.  A lot has happened since we last visited.  Where do I begin?

Y&R is as always - scandalous.  The loss of poor Delia has torn Billy in half.  Chloe seems to be finding a way to cope a bit better with the help of Kevin. Have I mentioned how much I love Kevin?  Billy on the other hand is being eaten alive with the guilt of leaving DeeDee in the car.  Smart? Nope.  I feel sorry for him.  And Victoria who just can't seem to do anything right in her attempts to reach him.  Normally I can't wait for Adam to get caught - but I have to say that I feel sorry for him too.  He did not even know that he had hit Delia with his car that night - and he did stop when he thought he had hit the dog.  The guilt is eating him alive. But realistically who would believe him?  It's very sad.  By the way - does anyone else think that Billy with a gun is a bad idea?  :-\

We all love a villain - don't we? But can I say how glad I am that Carmine is dead?  Can I also say that it is Lauren's fault that Michael and Fen are in prison?  Popular opinion? Perhaps not.  Oh well! lol  It's true, perhaps she should have kept her legs closed.  I also have to say that I hope Michael gets out and Fen stays in the slammer.  Am I a fan of Fen? Nope!  Can ya tell? lol

On another note, it would seem that inheriting over 2 billion bucks has gotten the best of Devon, what is up with him suggesting Roxy is a gold digger??  Give me a break. They have been together for six freaking years!  Making her cry in public? Not cool Devon!!  Get over yourself!!

Can I also say that I am getting a little tired of the ghostly visits from the beyond?  John Abbott and now Cassie. Give me a break.  This is Y&R not a round on the ouji board.

Anyhow .....

What can I say about Brooke?  :-|

How dirty it was to steal Bill from poor Katie.  But what Bill did this week probably was the worst of the worst! Pretending to break it off with Brooke and making Katie believe he was coming back to her. Sleeping with her - using her - as a pawn in his plot to get the company back? WTH!!!???  In my humble opinion Dollar Bill is lucky that Katie would even deign to be in the same room with him - little on take his sorry butt back! Only to discover that she had been played. Can we say OUCH! I nearly did the happy dance when Bill opened the envelope and discovered that Brooke had replaced the signed paperwork with the leaves collected in Aspen.  HAHAHAHA!!!

The icing on the cake is when Brooke threw Bill out of her home after informing him that they are O-to-the-VER.  As much props as I give her for doing the right thing [finally] ... let's face it ... this IS Brooke we are talking about ... how long could it really last?  Bets on how long it take her to move Bill back in?

So, Thorne's daughter Alley showed up today ... do we like her? hmmmmm Me thinks the jury is still out on that one.  What I do feel is that she will be making a play for one of the Spencer boys - Wyatt perhaps, which of course will make Hope a bit jelly .... and poor Liam will be left in the lurch.  Any bets on how that will al play out?

There is a common thread here ... on both shows. Just Do the right thing people! Adam needs to confess. Michael needs to be freed. Brooke needs to leave Bill alone. Hope needs to be with Liam.  But I suppose that doesn't make for good TV though  right?

Well ... that's my two cents for now.  C'ya soon pEEps!!