Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Some People Should NOT Have Pets

I am beyond upset. I just got off of the phone from a virtual merry-go-round of pass-the-buck. There is a woman who owns a dog, and should in my opinion never be allowed to own pets. Her poor pooch is left outside - regardless of the weather - sweltering summer temperatures, pouring rain, freezing temps - the dog is outside.

Reports have been made on this woman in the past, and yes, she still has her dog.  Why?  I have NO idea!!

So, this evening in Toronto, the temperature is -3c with a windchill of -12c. Winds are gusting at 42km/h from the North - it is bitterly cold and this poor dog is left outside - for hours. Are the owners home? Who knows.

Now, if you know me at all, you know that I am just devastated by this. Unable to take it anymore, I call the local Humane Society - who has a recording for emergency situations directing you to call 911.  Bypassing this, I call the OSPCA - who have a similar after hours recording.  I call Toronto Animal Services - who actually pick up the phone and take down a report, then inform me that they cannot go rescue this poor dog - that they really can only respond by request of the police. Otherwise all they can do is enforce bylaw infractions.

So I call 911.  The operator tells me that they do not deal with animals - only humans, and connects me with the non-emergency dept.  I speak with them and guess what? Yes, they connect me back to 911.  :-|

I get the same dude on the phone and he repeats that he cannot help me and reconnects me to the non-emergency people, who promptly connect me to 311. This is the all-purpose call center for Toronto.  They, of course have no idea why I am calling them and tell me that it is a matter for the police.

*Face Palm*

I call the police back - AGAIN.  I am this time connected to the communications dept and at this point a report is taken and (allegedly) officers will be dispatched. At which point if they determine the dog is in distress they will call Animal Services. LOL


Are you freaking kidding me????

Please join me in praying for the safety and life of the poor dog who is freezing to death outside while his owners are God only knows where,, and the rescue people are too busy passing the buck to get off of their asses to do anything!!

And if you have not guessed by now .... I am furious!!

I should note that the dog pictured above is not the dog in question - but I needed a doggy pic for the purpose of this post.

I am begging you - for the love of God, if you own a dog/cat/gerbil - whatever - PLEASE do NOT leave your animal outside to freeze to death while you enjoy the comforts of a warm home!!!