Sunday, November 17, 2013

Safe Haven

-A woman is forced to confront dark secrets from her past after moving to North Carolina and falling for a widower.

-Julianne Hough, Josh Duhamel, Irene Ziegler, Red West, David Lyons.

This is not a unique movie - many have been done on the topic of an abused woman who escapes in hopes of an abuse-free fresh start, landing in the arms of a magnificent man who treats her the way only her dreams could have imagined.  A modern day Sleeping With The Enemy, this picture features Julianne Hough - who I have to say did a fair job in this role.  I didn't hate it.  

Most of the movie is predictable. Girl runs away. Girl starts new life. Girl meets great new guy. Girl falls in love. Abusive ex find her. Girl lives happily ever after.  However, I will say that there is an amazing twist that I did not see coming. I like that! The "WHOA" moments a movie can bring you.  And I am hard to surprise. 

With all that said ... though I would not necessarily need to see this flick a second time - I'm not mad at the two hours spent watching it a first time.  If you are in the mood for a romantic-drama with a twist, give it a whirl.

I am giving Safe Haven 3 boxes of popcorn - and because of the impressive twist - lets add extra butter!