Friday, November 15, 2013

How May I Pray For You?

As most of you may know by now, my late father was a Pastor for over thirty years and would often ask of others how he may pray for them.  I have been moved by the way in which he would reach out to strangers as well as friends and family. Always thinking of others - always finding a way to seek out the need and always willing to stop in his tracks - in mid conversation to pray for someone else.

After his passing, I wanted to honor him in this way and had asked friends and readers how I might pray for them.  We all go through struggles, whether in the workplace, within the family, health, finances, whatever it might be. And it never hurts to know that someone is in your corner. Someone is lifting you up in prayer.

So today I felt moved to put out the call once again.  And I ask - How may I pray for you?

You are invited to send your prayer request by commenting in the facebook group or in private through the inbox or by emailing me directly at

As dad would always say...

Keep Looking Up!