Monday, September 2, 2013

The Soap Box For September 2nd - Celebration Of Life

I have not done a B&B post recently so thought it was about time. But where do I even begin???

Brooke and Bill are now together - sort of officially. Wyatt got an ear full about daddy from Kate and then confronted Dollar Bill, who essentially disowned him.  Throwing him off of the Spencer Publications property, demanding back the pass card and credit card.  Where upon Liam catches up with his long lost brother in the lobby to announce his good riddance to Wyatt.  Something tells me this is not the last we will see of Spencer Jr.

Thorne and Thomas failed in their latest attempts to dethrone Rick from his Forrester Presidency, following a successful relaunch of the newly branded Hope For the Future - now affectionately known as HFTF. After the show, Caroline informs Rick that Maya had a sleepover guest by the name of Carter the night of the premier of Room 8 - the very event Rick missed due to working so hard with Caroline - getting everything ready for the HFTF show.

Rick confronts Maya - and then announces his disappointment in her dishonesty and keeping secrets from him. The one thing he detests more than just about anything.  A devastated Maya is left in the lurch - while Rick and Caroline reunite - overnight.  A fact that a scantily clad Caroline shares with Maya the following morning when Maya shows up at Rick's home to try and work things out.

What can I say? They call it a soap opera for a reason!

Over in Y&R land, on Friday's show (In Canada) the residents of GC have gathered for the celebration of Katherine's life service, where Father Todd performs the ceremony. Father Todd of course is played by Corbin Bernsen - Jeanne Cooper's son.  And in a post earlier last week, he spoke of the irony of the role and how he had to remain stoic while everyone around him was crying and mourning Katherine - who of course is his r/l mother.  Not sure I could pull that off!

The ceremony was held in a lovely park in GC - I am pretty sure it is the same park that Diane was murdered in ... but I digress.  Naturally every detail of the celebration was done to the letter of Mrs. C's specifications.  Strictly observed by Nikki and Jill, who made all of the arrangements.

I must say it was nice to see the return of so many characters who have not been written into story lines in quite some time!

Part two of the ceremony will air in Canada on Tuesday, as Y&R is not airing Monday due to the Labor Day holiday.

That about wraps it up.  See ya again soon pEEps!!