Friday, September 27, 2013

The Soap Box for September 27th - I Do, Do I?

OK - we have not visited in quite some time and a lot has happened in soap land.  The reading Mrs. C's Will has come and gone - seems that everyone but Jill made out like a bandit. Especially Devon - who walked away with over 2 billion dollars of the estate.  We later learned that Victor got ownership of Chancellor Industries - with Cane named as the one who will run the day-to-day operations.

Chelsea has been busted in babygate. It seemed that Connor had the same genetic eye disease as Adam and Hope, and would eventually lose his eyesight. Adam caught wind of this and confronted Chelsea about the paternity of the baby - and ultimately got the truth out of her. Adam is the daddy. A truth that Chelsea had to inform Dillon of. A truth, which devastated Dillon. Sending him into yet another tailspin. During a storm (isn't that when all of the bad stuff happens?) a loud boom of thunder sent Dillon right back into PTSD land - and taking Connor with him.  Avery, Adam and Chelsea all show up at the cabin where Dillon is held up with the infant, convinced he is back in Afghanistan and under attack.  Avery eventually gets through to Dillon and baby Connor is safe.

Adam informs Chelsea that she will not be living with Connor in the home she shared with Dillon - and lays down an ultimatum prompting Chelsea to pack up her baby and her belongings and move into Adam's condo.

Upon taking their bundle of joy to the hospital, it is learned that Connor in fact does not have the same illness as his daddy - but had his cornea's scratched/scarred during birth - when Dillon delivered Connor at the warehouse. Needless to say Adam is going to hold this over Chelsea's head - forever!

Meanwhile, since Avery left Nick alone on their wedding day - Nick had been continually circled by crazy Sharon who has not been taking her medication for months and has been conversing daily with her dead daughter Cassey.  Plotting how to get Nick back.  Run Nick Run!!

Avery heads off to Georgia to visit Phyllis, filling her sister in on everything that has been going on..  All of her failures and urging Phyllis to wake up. Certain that Phyllis would get great pleasure in Avery's screw ups. A non-responsive Phyllis lays in bed as Avery empties her soul to her sister before walking out of the room.

Cut to Phyllis' finger moving!!

Oh Lord PLEASE let Phyllis come back!!

Across the nation to L.A. where all hell is breaking loose.  Maya and Carter are now engaged. Rick is giving Caroline another chance to behave. Brooke and Bill are still an undercover item - but Dollar Bill has presented the fair Logan with a ring as a token of his commitment to her. Understanding that she cannot wear it right now - but letting her know that he intends to make her his wife. As soon as he divorces her sister!

Don't ya hate when that happens?

Wyatt is back!!! Daddy came to see him and they kissed and made up.  Awwwww!  Back in the Spencer fold, Wyatt is taking every opportunity to make a play for Hope - even informing Liam that until the "I Do's" .. she is fair game.

Hope of course is loving all of the attention, being fought over by the brothers Spencer. I think we can all understand that - can't we?  From what I gather though - Steffy is going to make life a bit more interesting in the near future. Despite the fact that she has agreed to an annulment.

Quinn would love nothing better than to see her beloved Wyatt win the fair Hope, and considers the new working arrangement between Quinn Artisan Designs and Forrester Creations her opening to pull the strings needed to insure a successful launch of not only the future of her own business, but also the future of Wyatt and the HFTF queen.  Even if it means making a play for Eric!