Monday, September 2, 2013

First Day Of School!

There are two nights of the year when children everywhere have a difficult time getting to sleep. One of them is Christmas eve. The other is the night before the first day school.

Wondering what to expect. Can I do the work? Will I like my new teacher? Will I know anyone in my new class/school?

Anything new can be scary. The secret to this is to remember to breathe.  It is only new for the first day. Beyond that you will have a handle on your new surroundings and the people you will be sharing the next ten months with.

Just like the years before, you will get through this year as well. And you will do wonderfully well!

As for the parents out there ... I know that deep down you are happy to see your little ones go off to school for another year.  Not to suggest that you do not absolutely love and adore your babies, but some quiet mommy (daddy) time is well deserved after summer vacation!! The fact of the matter is that July and August is vacation for the kids. September is vacation for the parents. The opportunity to get the house clean - and for it to stay clean ... at least until 3:30 when your loving angels return home, plunking down their bags, kicking off their shoes and asking what's for dinner!

For the parents bringing their little ones to school for the very first time. Don't be alarmed if there are tears. This is natural. And hopefully you have taken the opportunity over the past month or so to build up all of the fun things your little student will be doing in kindergarten.  Story time! Sand play! Painting! Singing!

I think that despite the occasional crying child - the first day of kindergarten can often be more difficult for the parent.  Just remember that it is a good thing! Think of all that they will learn. Think of all the finger paintings that you can hang proudly on the doors of your fridge. Even though you are never quite certain what the painting is of!

So as you stock up on the drink boxes and pack the crayons in to their bags, breathe deeply and know that your child is going to do wonderfully well. And a large part of that is because of you!

As for the kiddies heading out tomorrow for their first day of school.  Be brave, hold your head high and remember that some of the best memories you will have in your life, some of the best friends you will make in your life, all begin on the first day of school!

Go get 'em!!