Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Soap Box for August 18th - Farewell Mrs. C!

So, Y&R has finally gotten around to addressing the passing of our beloved Mrs. C!  And after three long months since Jeanne Cooper left us in May, I bet you thought that the writers of the show were going to handle the death of this icon with splendor. Right?  Well, Friday was the moment we have all been waiting for and forgive me, but I feel like it was a tad lack-luster.  Not befitting the Matriarch of the show whatsoever!!

Friends and family receive postcards from Mrs. C - each from a different destination - summoning their presence to the Chancellor Estate at a certain date and time.  Of course there is a storm outside - isn't there always?  After a weather delay - affording Jill just enough time to set the tone, Murphy finally shows up without his wife.  (And a bit too happy for my liking.) He talks about the wonderful world-wide adventure he and Katherine had been on.  The Great Wall of China, The Great Barrier Reef, Egypt, Australia ... and so on ...  when he finally gets around to telling the gathered loved ones that when they went to bed 'that night' - Katherine passed away in her sleep.

Cut to Nicki doing what is perhaps the worst cry ever in Soap Opera history.  Murphy goes on to explain that Katherine knew she was dying in April following her surgery and that this is how she wanted to go. Away from her loved ones - seeing the world in her final days.

Jill of course is outraged at the selfishness in Katherine's way of handling her death and denying her family and friends the opportunity to say 'good-bye'.  Murphy goes on to explain that upon Katherine's passing, he phoned the rest of the family.  I presume he is talking about Brock, Mac and Tucker.

What is odd to me is the way this whole thing was handled. It just doesn't make any sense.  Would Brock not then get in touch with Jill? Would Tucker not contact his son Devon?  For me there are way too many holes in this storyline.

Murphy then whips out a letter, which was written by Katherine, informing Jill that she will have a way to say 'good-bye' ... going on to say that Katherine wanted Nicki to read the letter to those who have gathered.

The letter essentially calls Jill out on making 'this' all about her ... and expecting that some gathered might be crying at the news - in the fact that they are hearing this letter means she is gone.  Katherine then goes on to say that there will be time for all of that, when a party is thrown in her honor.  The biggest, most extravagant party of all time.

This will all pick up on Monday ... so I guess we will see how all of this plays out, but I have to say that I am less than thrilled with how it is unfolding thus far.