Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Soap Box for August 11th

We pick up with Hope and Liam being engaged - again ... as Hope puts all of the pieces together and brings Bill Spencer yet another son. Yes, Wyatt is Liam's half brother.  Surprise? - Not.  Steffy is still pulling the strings on Liam and Hope's relationship from Paris, despite giving Liam to Hope prior to her departure, Steffy has determined that she will not give Liam an annulment and will force the lovebirds to wait another six months for a divorce to go through the courts before they can finally wed.  Wyatt is not unhappy by this news, with eyes on his future sister in law, me thinks that the newest Spencer will try his best to make fair Hope his very own.

Katie is still running Spencer Publications and putting Bill and Brooke to the test, with nanny cams set up throughout the home, Katie fixes it so that her husband and sister will be alone - as Katie watches on the computer to see what the two will do.  Indeed they did manage to keep their clothes on, and just when Katie starts to soften her heart and decide that she will take her husband back and forgive him for sleeping with Brooke, Bill discovers the hidden cameras and upon confronting his Mrs. he announces that he will not give in to her sneaky surveillance and storms out. Cut to Bill making arrangements to charter the jet and fly off to meet Brooke.

Heading over to Genoa City - where do I even begin??  DA. Cricket has decided to accept Chief Paul's suggestion of allowing Fen to serve time in a drug rehab. Carmine is still taunting Lauren and Michael.  Phyllis has been shipped off to Georgia - to a facility where it is hoped that new treatments will eventually awaken the carrier of the truth.  Does this mean that Phyllis will eventually return to the show?  It was understood that she was gone for good.  It does appear however that the writers have opted to leave the door open for the fiery redhead to return at a later date.

With Avery away - getting her sister settled in to the treatment facility, Sharon is taking every opportunity to 'comfort' Nick .. convinced that she will make him hers once again and should he find out that she is responsible for switching the paternity results around and indeed Summer is his daughter and not Jack's. Well, he will understand why she did what she did - in the name of their love.

Chelsea's baby was delivered by Dylan, following their wedding... try as she might, she just could not keep that full-term baby in any longer!  When the EMT's arrive and comment on how fortunate the new parents are to have such a large premature baby, Chelsea pipes up stating that she, herself, was a 10lb baby and that would be the reason their son is not underweight.   I'm thinking that one has nothing to do with the other as I was 8lb's at birth and yet my daughter  who was two weeks late was born weighing 6lb 15oz.  Hmmmm

Thus the difference between Soap land and reality eh?

But I digress.

Let me also call your attention to this upcoming week ... apparently this coming Thursday here in Canada / Friday in the USA, "friends and family will gather at the Chancellor Estate for an important homecoming." This may be the return of Murphy - who may perhaps announce the passing of our beloved Katherine.

As we know, Jeanne Cooper passed away in May and during the Y&R tribute, Jess announced that "in a couple of months" Y&R would address the passing .... well ... it is now August ... so ... this could be it. Stock up on tissues!!