Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The 10th Anniversary of the 2003 Blackout

Do you remember where you were when the lights went out?

Today is the 10th anniversary of the 2003 Blackout, which sent a majority of the Northeastern Seaboard into darkness, affecting hundreds of thousands of people.

I was among the lucky and got my power back after about 16 hours. Many people were not so fortunate and had to wait days for the lights to come back on.

There are many benchmark moments in our lifetime ... moments where you will forever remember where you were when an event took place.  Many will never forget where they were when they heard Kennedy was assassinated. Where you were when Princess Diana was killed.  When the planes struck the towers on 9/11. When the Challenger Space Shuttle exploded only seconds after launching into space.  And where you were on August 14th, 2003 when the lights went out during North America's largest blackout in history!