Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jodi Arias; Dirty Little Secret

-Recounting the investigation and trial of Jodi Arias, who was found guilty in May 2013 of killing former lover Travis Alexander.

-David Zayas, Leah Pipes, Zane Holtz, Jeff Howard, Tania Raymonde, Jesse Lee Soffer

Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two years, you are well aware of the infamous Jodi Arias and her cunning ways leading up to the brutal slaughter of poor Travis.  Now, admittedly, I did not watch this trial - I caught bits and bites towards the end after hearing of her dastardly deeds from one of my closest friends who watched the trial religiously - like most of North America.

As I'm sure everyone is now aware, Jodi was convicted of the murder of her former lover Travis, but the Jury could not agree on life or death as a sentence. So the sentencing portion of the trial is going to be re-done before a new Jury later this year.

There is nothing I can say that has not already been said as far as Jodi's despicable crimes, but as far as movies go, I have to say that this one isn't bad. In fact, as far as movies based upon female murderers such as Casey Anthony and the unforgettable Karla Homolka (Wife of the schoolgirl killer Paul Bernardo), this one was pretty good.

If you recall, I rated the Casey Anthony movie with one box of popcorn, and although I did not officially rate Karla's movie - I would give that one a 3 .... this movie is slightly better.  And being the narcissist that she is, I am certain Jodi would be thrilled by that!

Although not quite a 4 - and there are no half boxes here, I will give Jodi 3 boxes of popcorn to enjoy in prison while she awaits her fate.