Monday, August 12, 2013

A Year

What are the words that can be said to fill the emptiness? What are the words to cling to when your heart hurts? What are the words whispered when you need strength to move from one day to the next?

12 months.
365 days.
525,600 minutes.
42,048,000 heartbeats.

This past year has on one hand gone by like the blink of an eye. Like a dream. Unknowing of how you got from one point in time to the next. Yet on the other hand it feels like time has stood still. It feels like yesterday since I last spoke with you. Each day I ask God to sustain me. To give me strength. To hear my heart. I talk to you - can you hear me? I think about what was had for such a short precious time and how quickly everything can slip away.  Like trying in vain to hold a fist full of water that you can feel escaping between your fingers.

I think of you when I see the changing of the leaves. The fresh fallen snow. A feather laying in my path. I know that you are walking with me. I know that you have never left my side. But what I wouldn't give to talk to you one more time. How I wish heaven had a phone.

How I wish we could turn back time.

I remember your words - your every teaching. And I keep looking up. Knowing that one day we will see one another again.

Continued Rest Dad.

I love you.