Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Soap Box for July 9th - The Jigs Are Up!

The jigs are up all over the place! Nick dropped the bomb on Summer that he indeed is not her daddy. Meanwhile, Phyllis pulled the rug out from under Jack's feet by informing him that he is in fact Summer's father.  In both cases, the reactions were heartbreaking.  After ripping Jack's world apart and being thrown out of the Abbott Mansion, Phyllis drove back to Chi-Town to pick up the pieces of Summer's broken heart.

Lauren and Michael are at the bedside of their beloved Fen, who had overdosed on drugs - regaining consciousness just long enough to whisper Carmine's name.  Run Carmine Run!

When we hop on over to Cali, we see a devastated Katie who was told by Taylor all about the love affair between her sister Brooke and her hubby Dollar Bill.  With miscarried baby as the icing on the multi-layered betrayal cake.

Katie has thrown Brooke and Bill out of the house and was flabbergasted when Bill returned the next day with a diamond tiara - matching the necklace and earrings he had gifted her with a short time ago.

Needless to say, the lovely Katie was less than impressed by Bills sparkly attempt to buy her off.

Meanwhile, the grieving Liam - who is still trying to piece together his own life since the sudden departure of his own blushing bride Steffy, is finding himself to be very jealous over Hope's new admirer Wyatt, who Hope stumbled across as he was taking a solar shower in the woods of Big Bear.

Wyatt has since made his way to L.A. and has become quite smitten with our fair Hope ... any bids on how long it takes Mama Bear to have another unfortunate accident with her daughter's newest interest?