Monday, July 22, 2013

The Soap Box for July 22nd - The Twists

There is a lot happening in Soap land lately, kinda difficult to keep up. So here we go....

In B&B, Hope and Liam just got re-engaged upon his return from Paris, where he confronted Steffy and learned the truth of why she had abandoned ship.  Hope has also shared her thoughts with Wyatt about his being a Spencer - and Wyatt's mother is so obviously hiding a big secret. I think we all know what that secret is - don't we?  The real question is, will the future Mrs. Hope Spencer be met at the alter by Liam or Wyatt?

Y&R is getting ridiculously good!  Phyllis overhears Sharon spilling her guts at the grave-site of Cassie.  The cat is out of the bag!  Phyllis confronts Sharon, and then informs her that she is going to the MS charity event to spill the beans to Nick and Jack.  Sharon will have none of this and chases Phyllis to the event. Racing up the stairs behind Phyllis, where they have another encounter and Phyllis ultimately takes a rather lack-luster tumble down the stairs, hitting her head and is later found by Nick and Avery.

Phyllis of course is in a coma - so Sharon's secret is safe - for the moment.  However, those of you who are not aware; let me be the one to break the news - Michelle Stafford  is leaving the show after 19 years of playing Phyllis Summers. First appearing in 1994. Now, the word on the street is that she will be appearing through the end of July and into early August before finally leaving, however, she did film her final scenes on June 19th.  Daniel is reported to be returning on July 30th - whether he brings Heather and Lucy back with him is still unknown.

So, the way I see things, this can go a couple of ways.  Either Phyllis regains consciousness long enough to bust Sharon - before she dies.  OR - Phyllis dies, and Sharon's secret is safe ... until a later time at which point Summer will require a kidney or something and of course Jack and the Abbots will not be a match - Nick will be tested and TaaDaa!

I suppose time will tell how this is going to ultimately play out.  But According to the tweet posted by Michell Stafford on June 19th, we are in for quite the ride.

"I will air on the show through July into the beginning of Aug! There is much more to see!! VERY fun story with many twists!! Trust me! ❤|"  - Michelle Stafford