Friday, July 12, 2013

The Soap Box for July 12th ~ The Truth Comes Out!

Once in awhile you watch an episode that is so delish you can almost taste it.  Today I received a double serving of deliciousness!!

I am so excited about where these shows are going that I can hardly stand it. I feel like the cat that ate the canary!

B&B had Liam visiting Steffy in Paris, where he learned exactly why she made the choice to leave town - not to mention her marriage.  He tried desperately to persuade his wife to return home with him, but ultimately left when Steffy held her ground in thinking that he would be better off with Hope. Hope, who is touring Wyatt's family business, ever curious about the sword pendant he is wearing, which just happens to be mysteriously identical to that of the swords worn by Bill and Liam.  Wyatt explains that he never knew his father, who was deceased but rumored to be an ass.  Interestingly enough that Wyatt's mother seemed to know exactly who Liam was, when Hope questioned her about the pendant. Anybody else get the sense that Hope is going to fall for Liam's long-lost brother?

Speaking of trouble in Spencer paradise... Katie and Bill sign the divorce settlement papers, where upon Katie is awarded a modest 1% of Spencer Publications. 1% - apparently just enough to knock Dollar Bill off of his feet when his sister Karen arrives at the office and announces that they are no longer equal owners of Spencer Publications. Indeed that measly 1% was just enough to make Karen the primary shareholder, at which point Katie announces that she was just appointed CEO and informs Bill that he is Fired - effective immediately!!

Can we say - Checkmate!  HA!

Meanwhile, in Genoa City, Summer is still trying to get her footing after being floored by the news that Nick is not her father. Informing Kyle that they are brother and sister - and therefore are unable to continue their relationship.  Nick makes an unannounced visit to Jack's home, where an emotional Jack welcomes Nick with a punch to the face.  Well deserved I might add.  Sharon has vowed that she will be there for Nick, she will support him as nobody else can, thus drawing him back to her and reuniting their family - as she promised Faith.

Summer appears at Jack's doorstep, deeply emotional - heartbroken and as the two stand face-to-face in the Abbott living room, Jack and Summer try to navigate these uncharted waters. Jack encourages Summer not to hate Nick, reassuring her that Nick does love her - and that he and Summer can take all the time they need to move forward in their relationship as father and daughter.

After getting Faith off to bed, Sharon is visited by the ghost of Cassie, who of course knows everything her mother is up to in hopes of reuniting with Nick.  At this point we learn of the lengths Sharon will go to make her dreams come true. Even at the expense of Summer, who is indeed Nick's daughter!!!  You heard me right!!

It seems that Sharon overheard the Doctor calling Nick to advise that the results of the DNA test were in, when Sharon snuck into the lab and switched them to indicate that Summer was not Nick's child!!