Monday, July 1, 2013

Hello JULY!!

And we are now beginning the beautiful month of JULY! Can you believe how fast 2013 is going??  It seems to me that the older I get – the faster the years go by.

July is the 7th month of the year and the 1st full month of summer!

The birthstone for July is Ruby.

The Flower of this month is The Water Lily.

The Zodiac sign of Cancer ends on July 22nd and the best sign of the Zodiac; Leo begins on July 23rd.

The following are some of the Monthly and Daily holidays and observances, which take place in July.


National Blueberry Month
National Anti-Boredom Month
Unlucky Month for weddings
National Hot Dog Month
National Ice Cream Month

July 2013 Daily Holidays:

1st  Canada Day

4th  Independence Day (U.S.)

4th  National Country Music Day

7th  Chocolate Day

24th  Cousins Day

26th  Aunt and Uncle Day

28th  Parent's Day  - fourth Sunday in July

30th  National Cheesecake Day

30th  Father-in-Law Day

31st  My Birthday – Perhaps the most important day of the year!! ;-)

Please join me in giving a big WELCOME to the month of JULY!!