Wednesday, June 26, 2013

URBAN PROVERBS Available for Pre-ordering NOW!

For months you've followed your Weekly SCOPES by Cerise, and have watched her classes in EE's Thursday VIDEO Spotlight each week, now you can order Cerise's new book URBAN PROVERBS ahead of the July 20th official release date!

The Book Format of URBAN PROVERBS will be available for the low price of $14.99. Or you can order an audio version for $9.99 and have the luxury of listening to the words of Cerise while on the go!

With the purchase of the hard copy, you will receive $20 off of your next life coaching session with Cerise ~ $15.00 off of the cost of your next session with the purchase of the audio version.

Wondering how URBAN PROVERBS may help you?  Here is a bit about Cerise's new book!

How To Create & Maintain Good Karma
Written By Cerise Fairfax

  •  URBAN PROVERBS is a simple guide on how to deal with life during challenging times.
  •  The pressures of today’s world cause most individuals to be reactive. Many people are explosive and find it hard to maintain a levelled head during tumultuous times. They blow their stack and then get whacked… with bad karma.
  •  On the other hand, some people are talented at remaining cool during hot times. They are great at biting their tongue and being careful not to say something they will regret, and that is great for the other person, but not for the person holding everything in, because for them it often creates anxiety and future health concerns.   
  •  URBAN PROVERBS helps both personality types; those who yell and also those who hold it in.
  •  The URBAN PROVERBS help to re-train the mind by using words of ancient wisdom with a modern day approach, and the quotes become mental coaching tips on how to tame terrible thoughts that lead to bad feelings and regretful actions.
  •   URBAN PROVERBS will inspire one to remain calm and cool, emotionally and spiritually, when they are dealing with tough situations, rough characters and challenging times.

URBAN PROVERBS  is a book for the individual who prefers to deal with life’s unpredictable challenges without losing their self in the struggle but who desires to find their true self in the victory.

To order your copy of URBAN PROVERBS, written by Cerise, you may contact her directly at