Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Soap Box for June 4th

So, we're into another week of Y&R and it just doesn't feel the same knowing that Mrs. C will no longer been seen on the show. Of course her passing still needs to be addressed. That will be a difficult week for sure! (Mental NOTE - Stock Up On Tissue!!)

Any thoughts on who is publishing Neil's personal journal on a blog? My guess is the mysterious Rose.  Any thoughts on who Rose is? I still think that she is Leslie and Tyler's half sister. Time will tell I suppose.

Is anyone else growing tired of Kevin and Chloe? I think the writers got it wrong. They should not have tampered with Michael and Lauren's marriage ... I would love to see Kevin and Chloe break up!!  Of course, I have to admit that I never really was a fan of Chloe.

As for another story line I am not a fan of ...May I just say that although I do not have strong feelings about Dylan, I think that what Chelsea is doing is really shitty.  When he finds out that the baby is Adam's - it will kill him!!

On to B&B ... Brooke continues in her attempts to convince Eric to be the pseudo father to her baby with Dollar Bill.  She is cracking at the seams under the mounting pressure. Are we supposed to feel sorry for her?

We learned today that Steffy can no longer have children. OK - this actually made me feel badly for her. No woman wants to hear that news. Especially being so young - and attempting to hold on so desperately to her new hubby, who does - eventually - want children.  Seems the card she pulled out of her sleeve at Liam and Hope's wedding turned out to be a joker.

Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, the Windsor, Ontario born actress who plays Steffy Forrester leaked in an interview with ET Canada that after five years in her role, she will be leaving the show. Jacqueline referenced the intense story lines coupled with the ending her current contract, and her desire to travel as reasons for her departure.  There is no word if Steffy will leave LA for Europe, or if the role will be recast.

As always.. Stay tuned...