Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Soap Box for June 11th ~ Whose Your Daddy?

Things are beginning to heat up in the land of the soaps. On Y&R today, Nick fessed up to Phyllis, admitting that Summer was not his daughter - and that he knew all along that she wasn't. Further trying to defend his action by saying that he didn't want to lose another child after having just lost Cassie. Needless to say Phyllis is furious with Nick - until it dawns on her that Summer and Kyle are out on a date and Summer has only one thing in mind for the night ... to lose her virginity - to her unknown brother.

Phyllis manages to track down her daughter and is relieved to learn that brother and sister have not done the deed.

Call me crazy, but I'm thinking that when Jack finds out - it is not going to go well for Nick!

Meanwhile on the B&B Steffy tells Hope that she is going to leave the country and she wants Hope to take care of Liam. Effectively giving Liam to a bewildered Hope.  Will she just leave and not even tell Liam what is going on with her? Or that she is unable to have children? Hmmmmm...

It is a bad week in LA for pregnant women as Brooke decides she absolutely must tell Bill and Katie that she is with child - when she collapses in their living room before getting the news out. The happy couple rush Brooke to the hospital where she learns that she has lost baby Spencer.

Bill takes the opportunity to remind Brooke of their agreement to not tell Katie of their extra curricular relations, and Brooke keeps silent about the miscarriage.