Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Soap Box ~ Tribute To Jeanne Cooper "Goodnight"

My eyes burn from the tears I shed today during the tribute episode to the incomparable Jeanne Cooper.

Beginning with Jess Walton who plays Jill Abbott standing at the bottom of the stairs of the Chancellor Estate. The same stairs, which Katherine ascended on her final scene of the show that aired right before her passing on May 8th of this year.

Jess begins the tribute by speaking of Jeanne Cooper, guiding us into the Chancellor living room, as she notes that the Young and the Restless will indeed address Mrs. Chancellor's passing on the show. It will air in 'a couple of months' as told by Jess Walton, who reminds us that there will be many characters whose lives will be impacted by the passing of Mrs. C.

Jeanne's children, seated on the sofa of the Chancellor living room, Corbin speaking on behalf of his brother and sister, so elequantly expressing love of their mother, as well as their heartfelt gratitude for the support offered from the Y&R cast and fans.

The remainder of the episode is of the cast reminising about their time with Jeanne Cooper ... sharing stories ... memories ... tears ... the laughter, the moments where words were a struggle to find. I noted how no one was rushed. When someone was speaking and got choked up ... the rest of the circle just allowed the silence ... they just sat in that space of shared grief.  Mutual glances across the room, knowing smiles as they told stories of the first time each met Jeanne. Especially the male cast members. Apparently your weren't someone until you were goosed by the matriarch of the show.

Some of my favorite moments of the tribute where the heartfelt stories. Greg Rikaart (Kevin Fisher) remanises about a scene where Kevin had just returned home from being kidnapped. He visits Katherine to thank her for never giving up on him, and following her monalogue, where he had no response line, he improved "I love you too."  He said that those words were not a part of the script, but indeed were just something he felt in the moment, so he said it.

Anyone who has ever watched the show knows that Katherine is famous for her straightforwardness, but perhaps more than that, she was famous for her jewelery.  And during the tribute Michelle Stafford (Phyllis Newman) sat with some of Katherine's jewels draped over her crossed knee. Just sitting there, as if a part of Katherine was present in during the conversations. Which I'm certain that she was. And forever will be.

The tribute ended replaying the final scene Jeanne Cooper was seen in. The now infamous "Goodbye" scene between Katherine and Jill.  Jill escorting Katherine to the bottom of the stairs, offering to help her up to her room. Katherine gazing upward, and then back to Jill ... saying that she believes she can manage.  Turning back once more for an improved "Goodnight."

Once the scene is over, Katherine has ascended the stairs, the camera cuts to Jess Walton at the bottom of the stairs. "Goodbye Jeanne."  Jess shuts off the lights and the camera pans back into the darkened and now empty living room of the Cancellor Estate, setteling upon a beautiful photo of the one and only Katherine, her beloved jewels set in front of the frame.

Rest In Heavely Peace Jeanne Cooper / Katherine Chancellor.