Monday, May 6, 2013

The Soap Box for May 6th

Ding-Dong, Candyman's gone. And I wish I could say I am sad to see him go.  Now to find out who Rose is. Apparently she was not an affair of his. So, Leslie's sister? Leslie's real mother? Let the investigations begin!

Victoria is on the war path against Adam - again. I have to say that I really wish she would get off of his back. We all know that Adam can be ... special. But, I really think that a relationship with his father would be good for him - for both of them actually. Vicky needs to get over herself.  But until that time, she is hiring a P.I. to dig up dirt on Adam.

Paul is about to bust Lauren. And I have to say that I cannot wait!! This is going to be GOOD!!  I am so disappointed in her behavior .... and her 1970's porno hair.  All in favor of Lauren getting a hairstyle from this century raise your hands!

As for B&B ... Brook is pregnant.  Who didn't see that coming?  Looks like Bill is going to be a daddy - again.

On another note, the rumors of Jeanne Cooper passing away are untrue according to her son Corbin Bernsen who posted on facebook earlier today:  "I had promised to stay silent for a bit but I feel it is necessary to make sure all know that a RUMOR of my mom's passing earlier today that had been spread by someone on Twitter is false! I want to confirm: This is NOT TRUE. I'm not going to elaborate on mom's status beyond this - she is still very much with us. Period. I vowed to give my mom and God the time and space - "a holiday from all our personal needs and feelings" to work through this quietly, together and I will continue to do that here now - respectfully. You can be assured that I will continue to be truthful with you as I have been from the beginning regarding her condition - the good, the bad and the ugly at the right time and place. Please trust that. Rumors will fly in our tabloid hungry - rush to conclusion society, and part of my connecting with you here is to make sure we are all respectful of this incredible woman, and her present journey, wherever it takes her. I will close in saying that I've had a remarkably peaceful weekend, once again made possible by a million comforting words of inspiration, prayer, and love from all of you. It was an extraordinarily beautiful weekend here in Vancouver and I walked quite a bit, listened to music, and reveled in the abundance of beauty in Nature - perhaps the easiest way to know the heart and face of God. I was comforted by my Psych cast mates, the most loving group of people I could have hoped to be surrounded by. We had some fine laughs. Always good for the soul. Lastly, I did lash out the person spreading misinformation today, I was upset, understandably. I know my mom would be the first to say, "let it go," make peace. So I offer that before I head off to sleep. The pillow is much softer in doing so."

I know that I can speak for Y&R faithfuls everywhere when I say that we are certainly praying for Jeanne Cooper and her family during this very trying time. We wish her the very best and pray for a full recovery.