Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Soap Box for May 2nd

Let me first say that I love my daytime stories.  Truly I do!  With that said, OMG - the way they draw out the story lines can be mind-numbing! Am I alone in saying that I am sick to death of the whole Avery/Dillon story on Y&R? Seriously. Enough with the flashbacks. They were together - they lost a baby - we get it!!

While on my rant, let me also say that I am quickly tiring of the Leslie/Candyman storyline as well. Who is Rose? Do we really care? He cheated with Rose, his wife cheated with the Politician. For the love of God - let's move on already!

I will say that Neil's apartment being broken into was an interesting spin and I am mildly curious to find out what that is about. Who stole the USB with all of the Jabot files? And Why?

As for B&B - Steffy and Liam are now man and wife. The bride wore black lace ... not exactly what I would call a wedding gown. More of a catsuit with a black lace cape. Complete with ribbon riding gloves, which came in handy as she rode into the ceremony on her bike.

I have to be honest in saying that I am still unsure how I feel about all of this. Although now that Steffy is no longer single, Hope has a chance of keeping a man. Of course, Brook is still single ... so ... perhaps not.

Speaking of Brook, and her inability to keep her legs closed. Seems another one bites the dust. We now know that not only are her daughter's men not off limits, but it seems that her sister's husband is fair game as well.

She just can't help herself. She is just free with her love!

Me thinks Brook and Lauren need to hang out. With a big warning to women everywhere:

Hang onto your men ladies!