Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The Soap Box for May 15th

On B&B Bill is injecting himself into the life of yet another family member, coming to the rescue of the damsel   Caroline, whose relationship with Rick is on the way out. If she would only let Rick get two words out - enough to say  'it's over".  Dollar Bill has dug up the past of Maya to use it against her by way of a young may who she is court ordered to stay away from - or risk going back to prison. $10,000 later - the two are planned to run into one another and the proof is in the pictures, which will undoubtedly be used as blackmail to keep the fair Maya away from her young Mr. Forrester.

Steffy is in the hospital, not remembering she and Liam are indeed married, or that she is with child. Well, that she was with child. The family are gathering around her hospital bed and nobody wants to tell her that she was pregnant, but lost the baby in the motorcycle accident. Perhaps there will be Hope for Liam after all!

It has been a week since the Legend Jeanne Cooper passed away, and even longer since we've seen her 'goodbye' scene as she ascended the staircase in her final episode on the show. If you are like me, you are wondering - waiting, to see how Y&R will address the passing of the Duchess. I have read ahead this week and there is no mention of Mrs. C's passing, however, her real life son Corbin has posted that upon  visiting the set of Y&R, he observed taping of a tribute to her to be aired on May 28th.

It would seem to me that if they are going to address her passing on the show then they will need to 'find her' next week ... for the funeral to be at the end of May. With that said, his wording reads as if the cast will just do tributes on that day. Until I can read ahead of next week's shows, it will be unclear as to which way the show will handle her passing. If at all.

It should also be noted that Canadian viewers are a day ahead of the US, so if the show is to air on May 28th - I believe this to be in the States, therefore look for the tribute episode to air in Canada on the 27th.

The following is the post from Corbin about the tribute.

"On my way to the airport I visited the set of The Young and Restless where they taped a tribute show to my mom. It was just incredible, all the kind words from cast and crew about her, the stories. Some of which I'm still trying to digest. It airs on May 28 and for all those who loved her on Y&R, well this is just a magnificent send off. Thanks to all there for your kindness and love. She would be deeply honored and I suppose a bit annoyed at the same time for all the affection."