Friday, May 10, 2013

The Soap Box for May 10th

Following the conversation between Nick and Dillon, upon which, Dillon questions Nick's sanity in letting Avery go ... Nick rethinks his position and goes directly to claim his woman. Nick and Avery kiss and make up ... well ... a bit more than just a kiss.  ;-)

The lovers are interrupted by an unscheduled visit from Summer who is in need of some advice from Aunt Avery, and with Daddy still in the bedroom listening to everything - Summer tells Avery that she wants gift Kyle with her cherry.  This news sends Nick flying out of the bed and straight over to the Abbott house to confront Kyle.

On a side note - I have to admit that I am slowly but surely beginning to warm up to the new Kyle. I think that eventually I might even like him.

The majority of today's episode is dedicated to Michael and Lauren ... Michael confronting his cheating wife.  The jigs up!! He now knows that the affair with Carmine was not just a one-time thing.  Indeed it has lasted for months!!

Michael was interrupted from the confrontation of his scandalous spouse by a phone call from Kevin, who is in need of help when Chloe gets caught with the stolen jewels Kevin lifted during his latest spree. Seems that Kev has a bit of a problem when it comes to keeping his mitts off of other peoples goods!

On B&B today, Steffy and Hope run into one another at the beach house. Hope is a total wreck - heartbroken - tearful ... and Steffy embraces her with a motherly hug, before hopping on her motorcycle to head home to Liam who is cooking a lovely meal for his wife.

Unfortunately, a very pregnant Steffy gets into an accident before she reaches Casa de Spencer.


In an update from the page of Corbin, the son of the late Jeanne Cooper, while speaking about the days following the death of his beloved mother, he describes a visit to the set of Y&R, where he encounters a memorial outside the door to the his mother's dressing room.

"... Last I want to share an beautiful moment I had yesterday while visiting The Young and the Restless. It is of my mom's dressing room door, which, for now remains closed. But the tributes outside are just... staggering. I wasn't sure if I was ready to see it but decided to anyway. I'm glad I did. Not sure what the next minutes, hours, days or years will bring, but if I can continue to find the joy in the moments I have this morning, all is good in the world and mom's work, truest work, lives on."

(Corbin Bernsen)