Friday, April 5, 2013

The Soap Box - April 5th

So as it turns out, the Congressman did it! Who had money on that? And we also confirmed that indeed he and Belinda were having an affair before he murdered her. I think the most memorable storyline for me has to do with Adam and Victor, father and son have finally come together and all it took was a bullet!  Little birdies tell me that Nick and Adam are going to kiss and make up as well! And all is well on the Newman Ranch! - For now!  As for poor Lauren who just cannot seem to keep her clothing on when she is around Carmine ... Who here thinks that Michael heard their conversation on the phone??  I wonder if the GCAC charges rooms by the hour? Lauren is certainly racking up the mileage on that bed! I am just so disappointed in this story - I really liked Michael and Lauren together.

Meanwhile, In LA, Brook and Bill have done the deed. She finally screwed her sister by sleeping with her brother-in-law. Typical Brook.  I think we all know that Taylor is going to have a stroke when she hears about the mating of the Stallion and the Filly.  And speaking of stokes, Katie is in the hospital again - with what I am guessing is a broken heart after having caught her hubby and sister in the bedroom - to be followed by a requested divorce and returning of the wedding rings.

On another note - Caroline's claws have come out - she is going to be rid of Maya one way or another! Even if it means paying a sleazy porn director to get Maya on tape ... can we say blackmail? I cannot wait until Rick gets wind of what Caroline has been up to and sends her back to New York on the next thing smoking!