Friday, April 5, 2013

Just a LiL Bit

Those who know me, know that I recently had a second visit from one of the sweetest dogs in the world!

This is Lyric, a 13 year old Whippet who belongs to a friend of mine.  Lyric came to stay with me for five weeks recently, after being picked up by her owner from a home she was staying at for three months prior.  Sadly, the care she received there was criminal - there really is no other way to say it.  She was neglected and locked in a room with her canine sister .... allowed to be bullied by the home owner's dogs ... and by the time she came back to my home - she was just traumatized.  My heart was broken to see the condition she was in.  With notable emotional and psychological harm done to her, only to be outweighed by the physical and medical harm that was done.  Lyric was advanced in age and was living with cancer ... the person who was 'watching' her for three months, had allowed for the tumour to become infected and did not think it necessary to either notify Lyric's owner - or get her medical attention.

So, by the time she came back to my home - well ... she was in a horrible state.  I would touch her and she would just shake - uncontrollably. She was a completely different dog than she was during her visit last October.  It was nearly two weeks before she would stop shadowing my every move.  We immediately got her to a Vet and began medicating her in attempts to reverse the medical damage that was done.

For days and weeks, I nursed her - medically, emotionally, psychologically - she slept with me, sat next to me, we became twins!  And when I would clean her wounds, and administer her medications, I would talk to her as she looked up at me with her tiny doe-like face ... I would ask .. "Are you feeling better? A lil bit better? Just a lil bit?"  And so ... eventually 'lil bit' turned into my nickname for her.

My heart just broke seeing her in this situation. If I live to be a hundred years old - I will NEVER understand how people can be so cruel to animals!  To know Lyric, is really a blessing in my life. she was such a sweet and loving spirit.

We knew that things were not going well - she left my home nearly two weeks ago and had taken a quick turn for the worse.  Her advanced age, coupled with the cancer and the abuse she suffered, in the end was just too much for her.

I learned today that Lyric has left this place. She is now free from illness, free from pain, free from the evil doings that some people can inflict. My heart weeps as my eyes burn - even though she lived a long life and loved her daddy dearly - and he loved her immeasurably ... this should never have been how her final months were written.

I can still hear the echo of her little paws as she galloped around my living room. I can see her little face looking up at me when I glace at the place she sat.  I will forever cherish the time I got to spend with my sweet 'lil bit'.

Rest Peacefully Sweet Lyric

You were loved and will be forever missed.