Friday, March 1, 2013

Welcome March!

It's March 1st!  All together now .... YAY!!!

I love March.  March holds many special days for me, not the least of which is the beginning of Spring!!

Have I mentioned that I am sooo OVER winter?  I don't know what this past winter has been like for you, my friends, but here in Toronto, we have had the worst winter since 2008.  Perhaps we've gotten a bit spoiled ... I'm okay with that.  I do remember the winters as a child ... drifts of snow nearly as tall as I was, as I would walk to school each morning.  Wind chills in the -40's - do I sound like a grandma? lol

But it's true.  I know that global warming is not a good thing.  Clearly not.  And I am so heartbroken when I think of the polar bears.  What humans have done to the planet is truly a sin.  But I cannot lie, I do like warmer winters with less snow .. less slush.. less ice.

Well, it's almost over, because Spring is just around the corner!

Some of the holidays in March are:

8th - International Woman's Day
10th - Daylight Savings Time.  Set those clocks ahead!! Spring Ahead!! haha!!
14th - World Kidney Day
17th - Saint Patrick's Day
20th - First Day Of Spring!!
24th - Palm Sunday
26th - The Beginning Of Passover
28th - Holy Thursday
29th - Good Friday
31st - Easter Sunday

March is also a month filled with birthdays of many people whom I love.  Seems the majority of my family was born in March.

5th - My sweet nephew Kai.
7th - My baby sister Sandra
14th - My beautiful Mother
20th - My precious daughter Natasha.
30th - My beloved Father

  • The Gemstone for March is Aquamarine
  • The Zodiac sign for March is Aries, which begins on March 21st through to April 19th.
  • The Birth Flower for the month of March is the Jonquil - aka - the Daffodil or the Narcissus.

So whether you or someone you know is celebrating a birthday this month or you are observing any of the holidays this month; I want to wish you and those you love a Very Happy and Blessed MARCH!!!