Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Purpose Driven Life - Day 8

Day 8 - Planned For God's Pleasure

The beginning of week two of my journey begins with the 1st purpose of my life - that I was Planned for God's Pleasure!  

God planned us long before we were created, indeed long before the earth was created - we were a part of His plan. Thus the reason the earth's axis is just - that we would not freeze or burn up - one degree either way and we would not be able to exist.  

God takes great pleasure in our existence - He was there when we were created - He chose our parents ... not to make them parents - but because they had the perfect combined DNA to create us to be the person God wants us to be.  To possess the gifts God intended for us.  And He intended for us to use these gifts to give Him glory.

Because we are God's children, when we hurt - He hurts for us.  God is not an unjust or evil God - but a God of mercy.  He wants to rejoice in our love for Him as He loves us.  Just as we rejoice in the love of our children.  They don't have to be doing anything in particular - just watching them as they grow, gives us pleasure.  This is no different for God. He was there when we were conceived and He was there when we were born.  And this gave Him pleasure.

As we grow, we want to give our earthly parents pleasure in doing well, but many of us forget to take this a step beyond and remember that we must give God pleasure in what we do.  We do this by worshiping Him in all that we do.  Not just in church once a week! 

Many wrongly believe that singing a hymn in church is giving worship.  'We give worship and then hear God's message through our Pastor or Priest's sermon.'  This is not the accurate definition for worship.  We in fact give worship to God in everything we do.  Martin Luther said: "A dairymaid can give glory to God in the milking of cows."  In everything you do - do so with the intention of worship through your actions - by thinking of your every act as being in service to Christ.  Giving thanks and glory to God that you are able to do ______. 

When you wake in the morning - give thanks to God.  When you are driving to work, holding a door open for the person behind you, when you are preparing dinner for your family.  Everything you do must be done with Christ in mind. 

Pastor Rick speaks of something we've all experienced.  When he first fell in love with his wife Kay, he would think of her during his every waken moment of his day.  Haven't we all done this when we begin to fall for that someone special?  We think of them.  We talk about then all the time.  We envision their image in our minds.  And as we do, we feel our hearts swell with joy and love.  We get those butterflies in our stomach.  That feeling of needing to be with them at all times.  And when we are apart from that person - we feel at a loss.

This is how we should think of God.  In all we do. Speaking of Him.  Telling of our love for Him and His love for us.  We should feel our heart swell with love and joy when we speak His name.  When we praise and worship His glory.  And when we neglect to do so - we feel a disconnect.  A disconnection, which gives us unease in our lives. Like a plug pulled from it's socket - we are disconnected from the source.  And we feel drained. Stressed. A sense of questioned belonging. 

I have been a believer and lover of God for as long as I can remember, but I have to admit that the more I immerse myself in this journey, the more I read the bible, the more I listen to Pastor Rick's sermons, the more I share my experiences - and God's word with you .... the greater sense of peace I feel in my life.

Without getting into too much detail - today I had a huge argument with someone I love dearly.  And this upset me greatly.  I was hurt and angered by this.  And I found myself yearning to read todays' study.  I could not get to my books fast enough.  And as I was reading and formulating today's posting for you - I found a sense of peace wash over me.  I know it is God's word that balances my core.  I know that I am nothing without Him.  I know that whatever tests I am given - whatever strife I am faced with ... I cannot make it without God and I am so thankful to be loved by Him!  

“Because of God’s great mercy to us...  Offer yourselves as a living sacrifice to God, dedicated to His service and pleasing to Him.  This is the true worship that you should offer.”  Rom. 12:1 (TEV)

Glory be to God!