Friday, March 15, 2013

The Purpose Drive Life - Day 10

Day 10 - The Heart Of Worship

"Surrender your whole being to Him to be used for righteous purposes." - Romans 6:13 (TEV)

Surrendering to God is the heart of our worship of Him.  But surrender is not easy - is it?  Surrender often has negative connotation connected to it.  Surrendering in a battle.  Surrendering to a bully on the playground.  Surrendering to an illness. Often times we think that surrendering is giving up - when in fact, when you surrender you life to Christ - you are not giving up - you are giving in! 

You are saying.... "I trust you God! I love you and I want you to lead my life for your purpose."   

The problem is that as human beings we have difficulty surrendering to anything or to anyone.  We want to be in control - we want to decide what we do - how we do it - when and where we do it.  We do not like following someone else because it makes us feel trapped - weak..  

We hold back on surrendering to God because we are afraid.  When we do not know the glory of God - and are ignorant to His love of us - we are left only with fear.  If I surrender myself - God will do horrible things in my life!  But when we know God - when we have a relationship with God - when we Trust God - we know that God is a God of Love - He is not a God of Evil and therefore will only bring goodness and blessing into you life.  

Now, this does not mean that you will not be tested.  God will certainly test you - this is how you prove your trust and faith in the Lord.  Through a lifetime of tests. Following - obeying God even when you do not understand what is happening in that moment of your life.

As human beings we often times - through the control we seek - believe that 'we've got this!' We are afraid to admit our own limitations because we are then viewed as weak.  The problem is that we are human - not Gods ... therefore we have limitations.  We are flawed.  And for most of us - ego is one of our biggest imperfections.   So we believe that we can run our lives without the surrender to the Lord.   But the wrinkle in the plan is that we are wired to worship - God made us that way.  And if we are not worshiping the Lord, we are worshiping a false idol.  Be it money, power, career success .. whatever it may be - it isn't the Lord.  

God doesn't take kindly to being placed second.  You cannot say "Yes Lord, I will follow you - but ... let me take care of these three things first."  Dr. Phil says when you say BUT - that means everything yous said prior to the 'but' is untrue. 

To surrender is a choice.  For some it is the most difficult choice they will make in their lives. Just know that it is also the most rewarding choice you will ever make in your life, so long as you do it wholeheartedly.  

Pastor Rick reminds us that willful surrender may have to be done several times.  Fear may sway you.  The problem with a living sacrifice is that it can crawl off of the alter.  Therefore you may have to surrender you life fifty times a day. 

Jesus said: "If people want to follow me, they must give up the things they want. They must be willing to give up their lives daily to follow me." 

Are you ready to surrender to God's grace, love and wisdom?