Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Happy Spring!!!

As of 7:02AM Spring will finally be upon us.  And may I just say Goodbye Winter and Hello Spring!! 

If your winter has been anything like mine here in Toronto, you know that we sure were served a wallop of a never-ending series of  punchs from Old Man Winter ... the worst winter in five years!  Yes, we have been spoiled if you compare it to the winters when I was growing up.  But - I enjoyed being spoiled and I for one have been looking forward to (and counting down to) the arrival of Spring for about two months now! lol

The temperatures will slowly begin to rise, the April showers will bring out the May flowers. Trees will begin to bud.  Baby birds will be learning how to fly. The birth of a new cycle of nature.  I absolutely adore this season.  Everything is fresh. Everything is new.  And although the weather is warmer - it is still comfortable ... ahead of the sweltering summer to follow! 

So - let me say, albeit a few hours early - HAPPY SPRING Everyone!!!