Friday, February 22, 2013

The Soap Box - Feb/22nd

What I like about the soaps is that aside from the continual drama and sexual merry-go-round, the writers actually do on occasion touch on relevant issues, which touch our every day lives. Such as this week when it came out that Nikki  Newman announced that she was diagnosed with MS. This is of particular interest to me, as those who know me are aware that I have FMS but also early-onset MS.  I am very interested in how they are going to portray this illness on the show.

On another note, we learned today that Leslie and Tylor's dad is the one who killed their mother and it is he who Avery is attempting to get released from prison.  Still not sure how the Congressman fits into all of this.  An affair perhaps?

Lauren moved out of her home and is staying at the GCAC - where her kissy faced bartender happens to work.  Are there no other hotels in town? Dare we utter that 'A' word again?  Affair! There, I said it!

I have to say that I am not a fan of this story line, I really like Lauren and Michael as a couple and they've been together forever.  I will however say that I do hope Fen runs away. I am quickly growing tired on that snotty brat.

Meanwhile in L.A. Steffy let the cat out of the bag when she interrupted Brook's staged elopement for Liam and Hope, announcing that she is with child.  Who will Liam choose?  I think he should choose Steffy, maybe then Hope can find a man and actually keep him!!

On the other hand, Brook IS single at the moment, so .... maybe Hope's hope of keeping a man is not as simple as marrying Steffy off.